You may think that given that there are still 3 weeks to go before Christmas, you have time to start your Christmas shopping. But to find the perfect gift for your loved one it is never too early. You do need to plan ahead and in particular to find out what your loved one likes and wishes for. Finding a gift that comes from the heart and that is really thoughtful is no easy task, even less so when it is a Christmas gift.

  • Planning ahead
  • Checking out her jewellery for metal colour
  • Watch out for social network posts and keep an eye on likes and dislikes when shopping

Planning ahead

Many people think that women mainly want fancy, expensive pieces of jewellery and men often tend to choose very sparkly jewellery. But in fact, it seems that women tend to favour beautiful jewellery that they can actually wear on a daily basis.

Buying the perfect Christmas gift, whether it is gold earrings or a gold pendant, requires a bit of planning and in particular time. Time to browse through online collections and time to look at what is available. You could, of course, buy a last-minute gift and it would certainly be lovely, but a heartfelt gift for your loved one for Christmas requires a bit more thinking than that.

Checking out her jewellery for metal colour

Before you delve into details regarding the design and style it is important to start with the metal. You need to find out which precious metal your partner favours in particular. For instance, if a woman loves the warm glow of yellow gold, she may not necessarily like the colder elegance of white gold. Or she may already have many pieces of yellow gold and you noticed that she would fancy some red gold, then you should consider that. The design may be beautiful but if the metal is not the right colour your partner may be slightly disappointed.

Watch out for social network posts and keep an eye on likes and dislikes when shopping

One of the best ways to find out what your partner wishes for Christmas is going shopping together and observing the pieces of jewellery that have caught her attention. Another technique that works in today’s world is following her posts and likes on social media regarding Christmas gifts and jewellery. Both ways will certainly give you a specific idea of what she likes at the moment and what she would love to have.

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