• What replaces the engagement ring in Kenya?
  • What is the Irish engagement tradition during a leap year?
  • How do people get engaged in Scandinavia?
  • How do you propose in Fiji?
  • When is the engagement official in Thailand?

Getting down on one knee, pulling out a small box, putting the engagement ring on her finger and asking the question... A beautiful engagement tradition! However, other cultures have different traditions. Discover 5 special engagement traditions from around the world in the following article.

What replaces the engagement ring in Kenya?

Within the Rendille tribe, a tribe that lives in the Chalbi and Kaisut deserts in the north of Kenya, the man does not offer an engagement ring to his intended bride, but offers beads instead. When his bride-to-be has accepted these beads, she actually receives jewellery from her own family rather than her husband.   

What is the Irish engagement tradition during a leap year?

In 5th century Ireland, Saint Bridget found it unacceptable that a woman has to wait for a marriage proposal from a man. She complained about this situation to Saint Patrick, who eventually proclaimed the date of the 29th of February, the so called leap-day, to be a day on which tradition could be thwarted. On this day, a woman may propose to a man. 

How do people get engaged in Scandinavia?

In Scandinavian countries it is common practice that both the man and the woman wear a type of engagement ring. People who respect tradition will spend 3 to 4 years being engaged before getting married. At the wedding, the wedding rings are exchanged. After the birth of the first child a third ring is given.

How do you propose in Fiji?

Fiji consists of more than 330 separate islands. You will not be surprised to learn that the omnipresent water and the animals present, are all part of the marriage proposal. For example, the man should give a whale's tooth to his future father-in-law. Not an easy task since the sperm whale is now a protected species...

When is an engagement official in Thailand?

In Thailand there is a 'gold engagement'. As soon as the man offers his wife-to-be gold jewellery, the engagement is official. From then on, all family members, neighbours and villagers will know that the girl is engaged. Another Thai tradition is donating money to the family of the bride. A kind of dowry, so to speak. 

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