We have all been there one day, when we know a holiday is coming up and we really have no clue as to what would make mum happy. Whether you are buying a gift for your wife who has just given birth for the first time or you are looking for the perfect idea for your own mum, there are many options to choose from. We have selected three beautiful pieces of jewellery that are timeless, but also practical to ensure your and any other mum can wear them on a daily basis.

  • Diamond tennis bracelet
  • Diamond studs
  • Solitaire diamond pendant

Diamond tennis bracelet

The diamond tennis bracelet is a classic and it truly is the most amazing gift one could give a loved one, especially their mother. The diamond tennis bracelet is one of those dream pieces of jewellery that most women would love to own one day but won’t buy it for themselves. This is why it is the perfect gift. The tennis bracelet is a river of connected diamonds set in gold or platinum. It may look simple but it is incredibly elegant and easily stands the test of time.

The name actually comes from a successful tennis player named Chris Evert who was a professional player between 1972 and 1989. She was the first player to play tennis wearing diamonds and that extravagance is what gave the name tennis bracelet to a diamond bracelet she commonly wore while playing.

Diamond studs

A second option are diamond studs. Diamond stud earrings are elegant, classy and versatile.

They can be worn simply with a shirt and jeans and give that extra touch of brilliance. Or they can accompany a little black dress for a special occasion and look elegant and subtle. Diamond studs are glamorous, practical and versatile enough to be worn on a daily basis. A great gift for a mother.

Solitaire diamond pendant

The solitaire diamond pendant is similar to the diamond stud earrings in terms of its elegance and practicality. It consists of a solitaire diamond, set in gold and worn as a pendant. It is convenient as it can be easily worn every day, but it looks beautiful and really does give an extra touch of glamour and sparkle.

All three options are wonderful gift ideas and it really depends on your tastes and those of the mother you wish to gift them to. BAUNAT has a wonderful selection of diamond tennis bracelets, diamond studs as well as solitaire diamond pendants in different metals and sizes. Do not hesitate to browse through our online catalogue and to contact us with any questions you may have.

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