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  • 30 days return
  • Most deliveries within 7 working days
  • Free and insured shipping
  • Unequalled price/quality
  • 20 year guarantee

Additional information for returns outside the EU

Dear clients,

If you wish to return your jewel from outside the EU, there is a procedure to follow to make sure you don't have to pay additional taxes. Please read the below information carefully.

You can send your jewel, with a courier service of your preference (such as FedEx), to our headquarters in Antwerp.

When returning your jewel to Belgium, please be informed that since you live outside the EU, the local- and import taxes cannot be refunded. Note that we need to invoice a flat sum of € 50 if the return shipment comes from a country outside the EU. This covers the customs fees that cannot be avoided as they are applicable to the specific nature of the product, i.e. diamond jewellery.

For the return shipment, you should contact FedEx personally in order to be informed about the detailed procedure and the necessary documents for the re-importation of your jewel to Antwerp and avoiding VAT.

Please add a copy of the original invoice to the airway bill.

Also mention the following information on the airway bill and commercial invoice (or pro-forma invoice):

• Note that it concerns a Temporary Export for repair

• Clear, accurate and detailed commodity description (including photos of the jewel)

• Value of the parcel

• Country of origin for each commodity

• Quantity

• Terms of sale (DAP)

If the package is returned with a temporary export procedure, the package cannot be picked up in a showroom. It can only be returned to the country of return shipping.

You can return your jewels to the following address:


Yasmine Van Moortel

Rijfstraat 2-4, box 171

2018 Antwerp


Please be aware that the responsibility of the return of the jewel lies with you. Making mistakes in the procedure could for example generate extra local VAT (21%) when the package arrives in Antwerp. BAUNAT will not be responsible for this kind of extra costs as mentioned in our terms & conditions on our website. It is therefore very important that you inform yourself with FedEx to avoid any documents missing when re-importing the jewel to our office in Antwerp. Otherwise, we need to charge you for these costs.

As you can read in our terms and conditions, BAUNAT is not responsible for the shipment and additional costs of the shipment to our office in Antwerp and the return shipment and costs to your delivery address.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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