Women love to buy a diamond bracelet for themselves. The tennis bracelet is one of their favorites. Stylish, but still practical. This bracelet doesn’t get in your way while you’re busy with your daily occupations, and moreover, it’s appropriate to wear in office. A classic tennis bracelet is completely set with diamonds and made of  white gold and platinum. Though we notice that this classic becomes more and more original.  

Why a tennis bracelet?

The name ‘tennis bracelet’ was first used in the eighties, when the world famous American tennis player Chris Evert lost one in 1987, during a game at the US Open. She asked to pause the game until it was found. A tennis bracelet – or eternity bracelet – is a good choice for active women whose life style doesn’t allow them to wear heavy jewels. This bracelet is quite light and flexible. Moreover, a tennis bracelet is perfect to make your tennis bracelet shine even more: subtle and dazzling at the same time.

Add some colour

If you’re planning to buy a diamond bracelet, but a classic tennis bracelet is not special enough for you, there are enough alternative models on the market. Coloured diamonds and precious stones look very good in a tennis bracelet. The extravagant people among you can have the bracelet completely set with coloured stones, but the combination with colourless diamonds is certainly something we really suggest.

Yellow and red gold

Most women buy a diamond tennis bracelet in white gold and platinum. The colourless diamonds come to their full potential here. Nowadays, yellow and red gold are getting tremendously popular. Yellow gold looks rather timeless and classic. Red gold makes a much stronger impression, which is perfect for women who want things to be just a little different.

At BAUNAT, you can buy all kinds of diamond bracelets, including a nice tennis bracelet. If you have any questions concerning a specific model, don’t hesitate to contact us

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