• Make an appointment with the consultancy service of BAUNAT in Nice, France.
  • As well as a loose diamond, diamond ring, solitaire ring and other diamond jewels.
  • The opportunity to buy an engagement ring in Nice, France.

The Côte d’Azur is a popular holiday destination. Not in the slightest with shoppers. All the big brands are represented here, as well as the small local designer boutiques. So why would you not combine your holiday with shopping for diamonds or diamond jewels in Nice in France? Thanks to the consultancy service of BAUNAT made it very easy to buy an engagement ring, as well as a solitaire ring or a diamond in Nice.

The versatile holiday destination Nice

A beautiful French city where the sun shines 300 days a year. Internationally known for its history and rich culture, with a stunning sparkling sea and mile high mountain tops, adorned in beautiful light and refined with typical local accents… Those who have been to Nice in France, return with an everlasting memory of this warm French city and its citizens. No better way to keep the memory alive than to buy a diamond ring in Nice.

Imagine: you’re walking hand in hand with your beloved at the Place Masséna with its checkerboard pattern, impressive buildings and fantastic fountains. Next to one of the beautiful luminous statues you kneel down, pull out a gorgeous diamond ring and and pop the question. So romantic! And easily planned thanks to the consultancy service of BAUNAT in Nice in France.

Buying a diamond or diamond ring in Nice

Indeed, you can buy your engagement ring in Nice during your holiday. The solitaire ring is still shining at the first place in the top 5 of the most popular engagement rings. The extremely beautiful ring with a timeless elegance just as your holiday destination. If you buy a solitaire ring in Nice, with every stunning sparkle your diamond ring gives, you will undoubtedly think of the sparkling sea at sunset.

Also for other diamond rings or loose diamonds you can surely count on our consultancy service at BAUNAT in Nice in France. Contact us for an appointment in the neighbourhood of the Place Masséna and Avenue Jean Médecin. Our diamond experts love to guide you through your selection and purchase of diamond jewels.

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Make an appointment? Call 0033/145 53 38 41 or email alessia@baunat.com and discover during your holiday in Nice the most beautiful diamond jewels.

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