• Why get married in spring?
  • Why plan a summer wedding?
  • What are the advantages of an autumn wedding?
  • What makes a wintery wedding unique?

Did your loved one propose to you with a beautiful diamond ring? Congratulations! Have you already set a date for your wedding? Most couples are engaged for about a year or year and a half, before another diamond ring is added. In that timeframe you see the seasons change into each other... Perfect for determining which season you would like to get married in!

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Why get married in spring?

Isn’t nature just magnificent in spring? Slowly, spring bloomers awaken from their hibernation and give colour to our lives once again. The rhododendrons, for example, that wow you with their white, yellow, purple, red and pink flowers in May and June. Or the magnolia with its white and pale pink tulip-shaped flowers that bloom in March and bring even more romance to the gardens when it starts losing its flowers.

Of course, spring weather is hard to predict and April showers can cast a shadow over your party. Unless you’ve considered this properly beforehand. Want to say ‘I do’ and gift a diamond ring in the open air? Make sure you have a party tent or tarp over your dance floor.

When it comes to your dress choice, you can pick a summery, short sleeve or sleeveless model as long as you don’t forget to bring an elegant shrug or stole. After all, these months can still bring a bit of frost at night. And the likelihood of you getting into bed before dawn are of course rather slim. But let us assume it’s going to be a spring wedding with mild temperatures and bright sunshine. Perfect for fun wedding photos!

Want a particular theme for your wedding? Go for blossoms, flowers and pastel shades! Are you all in for a nature wedding? Why not bring some bales of hay and a few little lambs to the location. Perfect for spontaneous, pleasant and, especially, highly original wedding photos!

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Why plan a summer wedding?

Who doesn’t love the summer? Warm days, balmy evenings and a perpetual good mood for everyone! No wonder that this season is so popular with couples about to get married. Great weather and fantastic blooms also make sure that you have more options with regard to the wedding location. Outside or inside, in a party tent or in a fancy room, at the beach or in a meadow? Anything is possible!
And the menu? The typical flavours of summer are really inviting as well. Pastas, tapas, grilled vegetables, fresh herbs, fruity desserts... Delicious! Or what about a grand barbecue? That too is possible when you are getting married in summer. Want an original outdoor wedding? Then arrange a few food trucks for your wedding.
Even though we do notice that quite a lot of men are still opting for a long sleeve shirt for their summer wedding, a short-sleeve shirt with a bow tie or neck tie can look highly stylish as well. More stylish than a long-sleeve shirt soaked with sweat, that’s for sure!
Summer is also the ideal season for perfect wedding photos. Are you going out and about for some romantic photos? Then try to plan this during the magical hour, also called the golden hour. This is the short period before sunset with more indirect sunlight. The warm glow the sun wraps you in is breathtakingly beautiful.

Is your wedding ring a diamond ring? The light of the almost setting sun has a magnificent effect on diamonds. A good photographer will surely take some photos which you’ll cherish forever. And if it rains? Make sure to get identical umbrellas for everyone involved during a summery wedding. This will definitely get you some beautiful pictures during a summer shower.

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What are the advantages of an autumn wedding?

When the temperature starts to drop, the leaves fall from the trees and nature is preparing itself for a well-deserved winter sleep, you still have numerous possibilities to organise a magnificent wedding. Especially when colours such as red, purple, bronze and orange are among your favourites.

These colours are characteristic for autumn and can certainly provide a stylish touch to your wedding. Because, let’s be honest: what could be more beautiful than all that autumn glory as a background for your wedding photos? And what about a wedding bouquet with autumn flowers? Colourful and incredibly original. After all, it doesn’t have to be all white, white and white, does it?

Clothing-wise, too, autumn is a fantastic season to get married in. Would you prefer to get married in a strapless dress or a short-sleeved dress? Again, we recommend that you get a shrug or stole as well. An original touch during an autumn wedding is to replace your high heels with a pair of cowboy boots. It gives you both warm feet and original wedding photos!

But the biggest advantage of an autumn wedding is undoubtedly the price tag. Getting married in autumn is definitely cheaper than getting married in summer. The same budget allows you to throw an even bigger party or to invite even more people to celebrate your wedding with you. Autumn is also ideal if you decide to get married abroad. Plane tickets and hotels are much cheaper than in the summer time.

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What makes a wintery wedding unique?

Cold, less daylight and tons of rain... Not a huge fan of winter time? A winter wedding can be cosy, warm and festive, nevertheless. After all, the cold calls for open fires and hot drinks. Get some fleece blankets for your guests and you’ll score huge on atmosphere and cosiness.

And what could be more beautiful than walking into church surrounded by an entire row of candles placed on the floor? It literally oozes charm! Yes, it’s really all about the details. The cold and the darkness allow you to be just that little bit more creative with the usual traditions. In the culinary field as well.

What about soup served in a bread bowl? Or serve your guests a lovely glass of glühwein to warm them up. A really fun item during a winter wedding is the richly filled dessert table with an abundance of moelleux, chocolate fountains and hot apple pie. And accompanied by, of course, a nice, heart-warming glass of gin!

A tip for your wedding dress: keep in mind that a train actually trails along the floor! Which is obviously not ideal during less favourable weather conditions in winter. Fun accessories for a winter wedding are a short, fur coat or a big, warm scarf draped around your shoulders.

Are you still looking for suitable gifts for your bridesmaids or guests? Why not give them a warm scarf – that way they’ll have a permanent and wearable memory of your wedding. Just like your wedding rings for you. Think carefully about your shoes and don’t forget to bring an extra pair of shoes when you get out and about with the photographer.

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