We have often heard the words: “engagement ring” and “wedding ring”, but not all of us know the actual difference between the two and their purpose in a marriage.

  • What is an engagement ring
  • What is a wedding ring and where it actually comes from

What is an engagement ring

The engagement ring is the ring that is actually used to officially propose to your beloved one, the ring that is presented while asking them whether they accept to marry you and share the rest of their lives with you.

The engagement ring and especially the diamond engagement ring is, considering the wedding rituals that exist since the dawn of time, a fairly new idea. Although you can find traces of engagement rings being used to seal a proposal by aristocracy and nobility across Europe from the 15th century onwards; it is really the company named de Beers who launched an incredibly clever campaign in the 1940s when they created the slogan: “ A diamond is forever”. This marked the beginning of a huge success & change in the world of diamonds and jewellery, and created the belief that a person could not propose without a diamond on a ring.

There are a myriad of engagement ring designs to choose from, from the classic solitaire, to the elegant halo ring or the trilogy and more elaborate designs. Today, most engagement rings are for women, but as trends are shifting and the world is modernising, you can find more and more rings designed for men also.

What is a wedding ring and where it actually comes from

The wedding ring or wedding band, on the other hand, has been around for a very long time. The earliest examples that were found in history, date back to Ancient Egypt, over 6000 years ago. References to wedding rings being used in ancient Rome and Greece were also found in history, making this custom part of sacred rituals throughout the world and cultures.

Your original wedding ring symbolises the connection between yourself and your partner, and shows the world that you are married. It is usually forged in precious metal such as gold or platinum and worn by both the husband and wife on a daily basis.

The wedding ring is worn on either the right or the left hand depending on which country you live in or which culture you’re part of, but always on the fourth finger.

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