Values & Corporate Culture

BAUNAT has its own unique philosophy, set of values and company culture. As we grow as a company, we want our culture to be well known, valued and cherished by our current and future employees. In this way, we can realize the BAUNAT difference.

That’s why BAUNAT has created a core values charter, taking into account that the socio-economic context concerning entrepreneurship in Western Europe is changing dramatically. Many golden mantras of the past will today lead to declining initiatives. Today, for a company being successful, it’s all about understanding these dynamics of change, with its opportunities and challenges, and making the right decisions & moves in this new environment.
BAUNAT is to be characterized as a company in full growth and development, which very deliberately chooses for:

• International & innovative approach
• Client, service & efficiency oriented company culture
• Dynamic & talented staff
• Remuneration based on actual performance & alignment with core values

Core values

• Going beyond the average level of service to create an emotional experience
• Strong passion about the company, its business model and its products
• Responsibility, commitment and sense of duty on all levels
• Flexibility in various ways
• Trustworthiness and maturity, both towards the clients, partners & colleagues
• Profound expertise about the products and company’s business model
• Strong eagerness for self-development
• Compliance with business strategy, organizational structure and core values

Job offers

Antwerp, Belgium | Digital Marketeer
Antwerp, Belgium | Diamond Jewellery Administrator
Antwerp, Belgium | Goldsmith
Antwerp, Belgium | Setter
Antwerp, Belgium | Young Graduates Program (fixed contract)
BAUNAT is constantly looking out for personalities who recognize themselves in these values. We are continuously recruiting even if we are not actively advertising vacant positions. Spontaneous applications are welcome.

Interested in joining our dynamic professional team? Please send your application to
Starting at BAUNAT was the best choice I could make.

Why we love our jobs

Starting at BAUNAT made me realise how great it is to do something you love. Working with an attractive product in a young dynamic and talented team is one of the main reasons I enjoy coming to work. There is no such thing as routine in my daily schedule, the variety of tasks keep me motivated day in day out.
Working for a digital international company allows me to optimize my language skills and continuously acquire new creative competences. Especially the variety of my daily tasks keep me motivated and educated at the same time. The regular development of our foreign communication and product optimization strategies guarantee my personal growth in the worldwide diamond industry and e-commerce as a whole.
When I graduated my Masters in Strategic Communications, I wasn't ready to stop learning. Starting at BAUNAT was the best choice I could make. I was given the opportunity to grow even beyond expectations. The on the job training was ideal to discover my own strengths and weaknesses. I learned to address them and improved myself on several levels. I now know the company inside out.

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