• Different ways to combine rings on one finger
  • Tips for particularly attractive combinations


As the name suggests, stacking rings are rings that are stacked, meaning worn on top of one another on the same finger. In contrast to multiple rings, rings that consist of several thin rings that are firmly interwoven, stacking rings can be flexibly combined and also worn individually.

What should I look out for when it comes to stacking rings?

Anything you like goes; there is no etiquette guide for wearing stacking rings. It doesn’t matter whether simple rings made of precious metal, diamond rings or special, coordinated sets; everything is possible. Stacking rings look particularly elegant when different types of rings are combined, which are very different in structure and appearance. Similar rings made of the same material and with the same stone quickly appear somewhat bulky, depending on the width. Depending on whether you want a uniform appearance or a more extravagant look, the base material, such as white gold, should be the same or vary.

Stacking rings with curved edges is problematic because the edges of the rings do not lie exactly against each other, resulting in visible distances, which is also not conducive to comfort. Similarly, several solitaire rings should never be combined. Signet rings are a special case; they are generally worn alone on one finger. On the other hand, an antique ring together with modern rings can be a very special highlight.

Which gemstones can be combined?

Do you prefer simple elegance? Then wear stacking rings with the same gemstones, e.g. diamond rings. Do you want to stand out? Combine different colours, e.g. white diamonds with red rubies, blue sapphires and green emeralds. The following applies so that stacking rings don’t seem too bright: If you go for different gemstones, the rings’ precious metal should be the same; for the same gemstones, even in different shapes, the base material can vary.

How many rings should I stack?

There are no clear guidelines here; with special, thin rings that are sold as a set, sometimes five or more rings form a stack that fits on the lowest phalanx. If rings that are not specifically designed for this purpose are combined, it is rarely possible to fit more than three rings comfortably on one finger. There are no clear rules here; only wearing stacking rings on several fingers on the same hand quickly appears a bit exaggerated. Several thin rings or rings that are a different thickness appear more playful and less bulky than a few thicker rings.

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