You have always wanted to create your very own engagement ring, it’s a fabulous idea, but there are a few things you need to prepare before you go contact our experts for a quotation.

  • Photo or sketch of the design
  • Decide which metal and diamond you would like to use
  • Estimation of your budget & ring size

Photo or sketch of the design

It is important that you do some research regarding the styles you like not to come empty handed. You should have in mind a ring style that you would either like to personalise or that you wish to use as a base for your very own design. When you contact the expert, you can send photos or rough sketches of what you like, and that will serve as a base to build what you have in mind on.

Decide which metal and diamond you would like to use

You may not exactly know which metal you would prefer to use and the number & quality of the diamonds you want to set the ring with. Have a browse online to get an idea and send them to the expert as well. They will need this information in order to prepare a tailor made quotation.

The metals you can choose from are more commonly: 18Kt white gold, 18Kt yellow gold, 18Kt red gold and 950 platinum. It’s basically a question of taste and regarding the platinum a question of budget as it is a little pricier than gold.

Regarding diamonds, it also depends on your budget, but we would always recommend the colour H or higher and a clarity of SI1 or higher for the centre stone. With a very good cut, to ensure that the diamond, whichever size, has its maximum fire and brilliance.

Estimation of your budget & ring size

It is very important that you know what your ultimate budget is. When making a tailor made ring, it is easy to go beyond that because of all the options possible. But in order to avoid any surprises, it is highly recommended that you come prepared with a maximum amount you are willing to spend. The experts can also take this budget into account, in order to create the perfect tailor made quotation according to your wishes.

And last but not least, the ring size! It is crucial as although it can be changed a little, it has to be correct to ensure the proposal is as perfect as you pictured it.

BAUNAT has a great team of experts that can help you through the whole process from design to choosing the right diamond to the finished product. Just book an appointment and BAUNAT will be delighted to help you.

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