Would you like to buy a diamond pendant? This gemstone has been fascinating for many centuries, with a solid hardness and a high clarity, the diamond is of priceless value.  If the colorless diamond is already much appreciated by many people, the coloured diamonds will also find their followers. The fancy coloured diamonds are very precious, even though they come in a variety of different colours.

The different hues of coloured diamonds

Diamonds exist in many different hues, including yellow, orange and brown. Yellow diamonds are the most widespread, except the sustained canary yellow. The pure orange diamond is hard to find on the market because of the superposition of its colors of red and yellow. The shades of brown vary from cognac to champagne and chocolate.

Blue diamonds exist in different shades, such as the deep blue, green blue, gray blue, turquoise and aquamarine. Between those there are more varieties, but we can confidently say that the grey blue diamonds are the rarest. A sapphire also looks a little like a blue diamond. The halo pendant in white gold with a beautiful central sapphire is available at BAUNAT.

The pink diamonds are very exceptional and usually only weigh a few carats. Very close to the purple gemstones, the purple diamonds are also available in shades close to gray and pink.

Pendants with red diamonds are the most expensive. When it is a pure red, it goes without saying that the stone is exceptional and very rare.

Green diamonds are second rarest diamonds because of their high purity, which gives them a very high price.

Other coloured diamonds are just as exceptional, like the gray diamonds, black, ...

The most famous coloured diamonds

The coloured diamonds are very rare and generally the value of a diamond is estimated by its colour, size, clarity or its history.

The Tiffany diamond of 128.51 carats is among the most famous diamonds in the world. Its size has impressed the world as much as its buyer, the owner of Tiffany & Co. Actress Audrey Hepburn showed it to the world in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

The Hope diamond is also one of the most famous diamonds, this 44.4 carat diamond belonged to the Indian deity Vishnu before it was stolen.

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