You wish to make sure the engagement ring you purchase for your fiancé is really a one of a kind ring? Once you’ve chosen the style you like, here’s 3 suggestions we have for you to make it even more unique: personalisation, tailor made or stackables.

  • Personalisation
  • Tailor Made
  • Stackable rings


This is probably the simplest way of ensuring the engagement ring and/or your wedding bands are unique to your couple. This occurs by having something engraved on the ring.

The first thing that springs to mind is a date - date you met, date of marriage etc, but you could also have your nicknames engraved, a song title or maybe even a sentence that could be split in two, with each ring being engraved with one part of this sentence, making sense when they come together.

You could also add engravings on the outside of the ring. For example, have you ever considered a floral pattern? It adds so much more personality to a ring and really does stick out than more regular smooth shanks.

Tailor Made

Tailor Made is the guarantee that the design is 100% unique as the engagement ring is entirely designed by you. You can of course base part or most of your ring on existing designs, but the fact that you are creating something from scratch, definitely makes it one of a kind.

In this case we would recommend doing some research before you go to your jewellers. Have a look at the types of designs you like. Taking into account the setting, wether you want multiple stones or a solitaire, the types of metal and of course get an idea of the budget.

With all this in mind, you can book an appointment with a jewellery designer, who will translate your thoughts in a 3D ring and tell you the feasibility of your project and an estimated budget.

Stackable rings

Another idea to consider, is the new fashion trend that has been more and more successful these past years, the stackable rings. With this design, you can choose a ring to symbolise every important moment of your life. As time goes by, you simply add a ring to the others, making it original and interchangeable. You start with the engagement ring, then the wedding band. But then, you could add a matching ring for the birth of your children or to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

These rings do not have to be worn all together, otherwise you may have a whole finger covered in rings, but the fact that you can interchange them and wear 3-4 at the same time, makes the whole design very eclectic and fun.

BAUNAT can help you with all of the above, with its fantastic team of designers and goldsmiths. Furthermore BAUNAT has a wonderful new collection of stackable rings that are completely worth the while.

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