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How to measure your ring size?

When you are planning to buy a ring as a surprise, it is often a challenge to determine the correct ring size. You will have to get creative to find the right size and not spoil the surprise. Below, we have listed four methods you can use to find out the correct ring size. And keep reading for our advice on keeping the secret.

Order a ring sizer

You can order our synthetic ring sizer to measure her finger and determine the correct ring size. BAUNAT sends the ring sizer by postal service; without any additional cost or purchase obligation.

Order a ring sizer now

Measure an existing ring

Use a calliper or a ruler to measure the inside diameter of the ring. This measurement, expressed in mm, can be used to determine the correct ring size. Simply download our conversion chart below, where you can find the diameter measurement in the last column and the matching BAUNAT ring size in the first column.

Convert an international ring size

Use our comparative table if you know the ring size in a different country or measuring system than the one BAUNAT uses.

Download our conversion chart


Print a paper ring sizer

A paper ring sizer works the same way as a synthetic ring sizer. You can print, cut and use this paper ring sizer to determine the correct ring size. Make sure you are printing in the correct scale. If the scaling is correct, this method is quite reliable.

Download printable paper ring sizer


How to keep it a surprise?

Measure the ring size without her knowing

To secretly obtain her ring size, you will have to get creative. You can try asking people who are close to her such as her best friend, her sister or her mom. Only ask them if you know they can keep a secret.

If you want to measure one of her existing rings, make sure she wears it on the correct finger. The ring should have a comparable thickness and should properly fit her as well. Also, remember to put the ring back exactly where you found it.

If you really need to measure her ring finger, you could try to use our synthetic or paper ring sizer or even a piece of string to measure the circumference of her ring finger while she is sleeping. This is only advisable if you know she is a sound sleeper.


The average ring size is 52

Most women have a ring size between 49 and 56. A ring should fit your finger comfortably. It needs to be tight enough so that it won't fall off, but at the same time, loose enough to slide over your knuckle.

Measure more than once

To eliminate an erroneous reading, it is best to measure the size up to 3 or 4 times. Bear in mind that the size can vary depending on the time of day, the weather and other temperature changes. Fingers tend to be smaller when cold (in winter) and tend to be swollen when warm (in summer, in the early morning, after wearing gloves,..).

Better too big then too small

It is easier to stretch the ring than to make it smaller. However, if you are planning a surprise proposal, you might rather choose a larger size than a smaller size. This way, you will be able to slide the ring around her finger after you have popped the question.

Adjust afterwards

If the ring size is too large or too small after purchase, most ring designs can be adjusted afterwards. If a size adjustment is not possible or would compromise the quality, a new ring will have to be made in order to guarantee our quality standards. The exact price of a size adjustment depends on the design and the number of sizes the ring needs to be changed.

Consider the ring design

A wider ring needs to be slightly larger to ensure it is not too tight or causes a pinching sensation. Add 1 or more sizes for a comfortable fit. For very wide rings, it is best to contact us personally for expert advice.

Account for the knuckle

The base of your finger is often smaller than your knuckle. Make sure to measure both the base and the knuckle separately and select a size in between those two measurements. This will allow the ring to slide over your knuckle but still fit comfortably around the base of your finger.

About bracelet or necklace sizes

We offer standard chain lengths for bracelets and necklaces. If you would prefer a different length, please contact us via mail or via telephone.

In case of doubt

You may not be 100% sure of the ring size or design. Therefore, as BAUNAT we offer our clients an extra service. When purchasing a BAUNAT ring, it is possible to lend a dummy ring of the chosen jewel in case of any remaining uncertainties, such as size or style. The dummy ring is set with zirconia instead of real diamonds, this will provide you with a very clear picture of how the ring will look and feel. For more information please contact our jewellery advisors.


Choosing the right ring size is the responsibility of the client. BAUNAT tries to provide ample ways to assist you in assessing the right ring size, but the final choice is always on the client’s behalf. The perfect ring size is a very personal matter which can only be determined by the person wearing the ring. Therefore, BAUNAT can never be held responsible for any incorrect measuring of the client’s ring size.

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