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Shining from mine to yours

Diamond jewellery from and for our planet

Jewellery from and for our planet guides our actions in three key environmental, social and governmental areas where we continuously strive for positive change.

We are not afraid to push the boundaries of what Fine Diamond Jewellery is about
BAUNAT maintains a transparent and reliable supply chain, while seamlessly blending artisanal craftsmanship with innovative operations.

Starting at the source

BAUNAT buys its natural diamonds directly from the source, selecting only those from conflict-free countries such as Australia, Botswana, Canada, Namibia, and South Africa. By limiting the numbers of suppliers, selecting only those with a proven trustworthiness and clean track records we reduce our impacts on the environment, while having a positive impact on people and society.

We are not afraid to push the boundaries of what Fine Diamond Jewellery is about, ensuring the highest possible standards throughout our supply chain, creating a 100% transparent and traceable path which we are proud to share with our clients.


At BAUNAT we focus on maintaining the highest sustainability standards, to protect and improve the impact of diamond jewellery production.

As we are fully committed in honouring international best practices, all our diamonds come from suppliers who comply with the Kimberley Process. Additionally, we are proud to have received the three year certificate (2022 - 2025) by the Responsible Jewellery Council  (RJC). World’s most renowned & stringent certification organisation that guards over the diamond supply chain.
diamond journey

Uncover your unique diamond journey

BAUNAT’s unwavering commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics and craftsmanship. We are dedicated to transparency and traceability showcasing our beliefs in responsible sourcing and ethical practices.

In addition to the diamonds intrinsic value defined by the 4Cs - carat, colour, clarity and cut -, we make it possible to trace the centre diamond and track its unique journey through our innovative traceability system.

We go beyond third party quality labels by embarking our clients on an journey of discovery, witnessing the remarkable transformation that their diamond underwent, from its origin in the mine to the exquisite sparkle on your finger. We empower our clients to cherish not only the beauty of their jewellery but also the ethical and sustainable values it represents.

BAUNAT makes it possible to trace the central diamond stone of 1ct G VS2. The cost of a traced diamond is available upon request and typically begins at approximately 650 euros. The pricing structure reflects the inherent variability in tracing expenses, which stems from the unique journey each diamond takes. Factors such as the length of the route taken, the number of intermediaries involved, and other variables directly influence the associated tracing costs.

I want to trace my diamond


What are BAUNAT's sustainable diamonds?

Sustainable diamonds are forever recyclable and valuable stones that support the creation of a sustainable legacy. They are recovered by ethical and accountable sources (monitored by third party independent regulators, such as the RJC) which comply with the stringent guidelines and contribute to the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of the region where they come from.

You can be assured BAUNAT's diamonds are ethically sourced and follow the industry-leading standards due to being a member of the RJC council, KPCS, and when desired, providing our clients with a detailed third-party online Diamond Journey report. Your investment and precious stone isn't just a pretty jewel. Buying a BAUNAT diamond means you have helped international communities and protected the environment by supporting education, healthcare, biodiversity and more.

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There are many assumptions about the natural diamond industry that misrepresent the natural diamond and its impact on the environment. Over the years increased corporate responsibility has enabled successful initiatives benefiting African and Asian countries supporting local communities, providing education, welfare and environmental protection programs.

Recycled materials

In addition to the guarantee of a sustainably mined diamond, BAUNAT is fully committed to an ethical approach throughout every step of our production process.

Our dedication to environmental responsibility is evident in our choice of precious metals. We always use responsibly sourced precious metals of the highest quality that do not harm nature. As the basis for our diamond jewellery, we therefore work exclusively with ethically sourced and recycled 18Kt gold (au750) and 950 platinum (pt 950).


BAUNAT's artisanal jewels come to life in our Antwerp and Paris ateliers, masterfully crafted by a select group of skilled goldsmiths and diamond setters. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, our in-house experts meticulously infuse each piece with unique character and flawless precision.

Through localized production and rigorous oversight, we ensure unparalleled quality, epitomizing BAUNAT's dedication to timeless elegance and unmatched excellence.

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A diamond is a momentous gift, whether it’s for a loved one or yourself. We want people to feel good about their diamond, and that means knowing that its entire journey, from mine to finger, has travelled ethically and respectfully. We at BAUNAT have spent over a decade developing relationships of trust and transparency so you may buy your diamond with confidence.

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