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Ethical and sustainable diamond jewellery

When it comes to the diamonds we use in our fine, handcrafted jewellery, BAUNAT is uncompromising. Not only do we exclusively use the highest quality natural diamonds, we also guarantee that they meet the highest ethical standards. When you buy a BAUNAT diamond, you can be fully confident it is sourced responsibly and is conflict free. That is our promise.

BAUNAT’s conflict-free diamond policy

BAUNAT is fully committed to honoring international best practices when it come to sourcing our natural diamonds. We demand full transparency from our suppliers so we can guarantee that the diamonds we offer to our customers have been ethically mined and are certified conflict free, in keeping with the best practices established by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and UN resolutions.

The term ‘conflict diamonds’ refers to diamonds mined in various African countries that were illicitly exploited during the 1990s to fund rebel militias seeking to undermine legitimate governments. The UN wanted to end this practice, so they decided along with Southern African diamond-producing states to create an international certification scheme for rough diamonds. In 2003 the Kimberley Process (KP) was born.

The KP unites the governments of all diamond producing, exporting and importing countries, civil society (NGOs that serve as observers) and the diamond industry (working groups to ensure it functions properly) into a binding agreement to regulate the rough diamond trade. It has succeeded in eliminating over 99% of conflict diamonds from the rough diamond trade. Participation in the KP is essentially a license to operate in the diamond trade. On this there is no compromising.

BAUNAT’s commitment to ethical diamonds

We at BAUNAT want to make jewellery worthy of the special occasions in life. Those precious, rare moments that deserve to be celebrated with an equally precious and rare gift which will signify them for eternity. The brilliance of such an item cannot be dimmed by the suspicion that it somehow contributed to violence, injustice or exploitation. One must be able to give and wear a diamond with confidence. But simply doing no harm is not enough.

That is why we are committed to knowing the source of our diamonds and to receiving assurances that they are minded sustainably, with respect for people and the environment. In August 2022, BAUNAT obtained the Responsible Jewellery Council quality label and is now a certified member. The RJC focuses on responsible business, ethics and supply chains within the global jewellery and watch industry to make it more sustainable. We want to be able to share with our clients the good diamonds do for the countries where they are mined and the 10 million people whose livelihoods are supported by the industry, to highlight the many socio-economic benefits that adhere to our beautiful product. As President Mogae of Botswana once said, “For our people, every diamond purchase represents food on the table, better living conditions, better healthcare, safe drinking water, more roads to connect our remote communities and much more.” A quick primer on the benefits of the diamond industry, from healthcare to infrastructure and education, is available at the website.
We at BAUNAT have spent over a decade developing relationships of trust and transparency so you may buy your diamond with confidence.

More than diamonds: ethically sourced gold and a sustainable production process

In addition to the guarantee of a sustainably mined diamond, we are committed to an ethical approach throughout our production process. We always use responsibly sourced precious metals of the highest quality that do not harm nature. As the basis for our diamond jewellery, we therefore work exclusively with ethically sourced 18 karat gold and 950 platinum. All BAUNAT jewels are handcrafted in our Antwerp and Paris workshops by a select group of skilled goldsmiths and setters who combine artisanal production processes and modern technologies. Only this way can we guarantee you the best quality.

“A diamond is a momentous gift, whether it’s for a loved one or yourself. We want people to feel good about their diamond, and that means knowing that its entire journey, from mine to finger, was travelled ethically and respectfully. We at BAUNAT have spent over a decade developing relationships of trust and transparency so you may buy your diamond with confidence.”

- Stefaan Mouradian, Founder and CEO of BAUNAT

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