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Diamond bracelets

Looking for a unique gift? In our collection of high quality diamond bracelets you will find what you are looking for. For your diamond bracelet with an excellent price/quality ratio you can choose between:  white gold (17 articles), platinum (6 articles) yellow gold (17 articles), red gold (16 articles).

In case you cannot find the diamond bracelet you are looking for, our experts will be happy to assist. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to guide you with making your choice.

More information about our collection, the various diamond bracelets and qualities, can be found at the bottom of this page. 


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Discover our diamond bracelets with an exceptional character

Bracelets in all their facets can be discovered in our range of beautiful diamond bracelets. For you complete satisfaction, we have designed unique and exceptional diamond bracelets that will meet your wishes and suit your style.

Our jewellery creators are also at your disposal to co-design with you the tailor-made diamond bracelet of your dreams. In other words, the bracelet you are looking for can surely be found at BAUNAT.

Elegant diamond bracelets for all occasions

Let yourself be seduced by a beautiful satellite bracelet that you will keep and cherish as a beautiful gift or by a prestigious diamond bracelet that you can wear for important occasions.

BAUNAT offers a line of bracelets set with true diamonds. You will undoubtedly find the diamond bracelet that will be the finishing touch to all your outfits, the magnificent jewel that will become an integral part of your life, in our online collection.

 In our exclusive collection of high-end diamond bracelets, you will be spoiled for choice between our beautiful butterfly design bracelets, our diamond tennis bracelets, our satellite bracelets and our chain bracelets. All our bracelets are set with high quality diamonds, carefully selected from diamond traders renowned for their know-how. Our mission is to offer diamond bracelets of remarkable quality that you can purchase at excellent prices.

The diamond bracelet you have always dreamt about

The origin of bracelets dates back at least a couple of thousand years. We design bracelets made with high quality materials and set with beautiful diamonds so that we can offer you a prestigious jewel that will be a pleasure to wear every day or on special occasions. On our website, we have categorised our bracelets according to the metal in which they are made: white gold, yellow gold, red gold or platinum.

Whether it meant as a gift or to indulge yourself, our line of diamond bracelets is surely your best choice, in terms of designs, quality and price. The diamond(s) set in your bracelet can be round, oval, princess or pear shaped. Our exclusive collection available on our website surely contains the diamond bracelet you have always dreamt about. However, If you have a precise and specific idea regarding the diamond bracelet you are looking for, our experts would be glad to help you design a tailor-made jewel that suits your wishes, budget and style perfectly.