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The people behind BAUNAT

Despite the mystic and fascinating aspect of diamonds, the international diamond and jewellery industry has few secrets for Stefaan Mouradian and Steven Boelens, the founders & driving forces behind the BAUNAT Group.

Both of them hold an outstanding expertise in this matter, strengthened by an accumulated and transferred knowledge of generations, and work together with a dedicated team of employees, suppliers & business partners.

They founded BAUNAT in 2008 with the goal of facilitating the trade of high quality diamond jewellery for the client and to make diamond jewellery accessible to everyone by offering them at the best possible price.

Our board of directors

Furthermore, they can count on a stable group of shareholders who all have a career and businesses in different sectors, inside or outside the diamond and jewellery sector.

<a href="">Stefaan Mouradian</a> - Founder, Managing Director & President of the Board

Stefaan Mouradian - Founder, Managing Director & President of the Board

Stefaan had various management positions in the banking industry and was a strategic counsellor and manager in the diamond and jewellery industry at international level. In 2008, jointly with Steven Boelens, he founded BAUNAT

<a href="">Steven Boelens</a> - Founder & Executive Board Member

Steven Boelens - Founder & Executive Board Member

Steven is since 2000 part of the international diamond and jewellery industry. He has held various successive positions as a broker, consultant and manager. In 2008, jointly with Stefaan Mouradian, he founded BAUNAT.

<a href="">Dominique De Rijcke</a> - Executive Board Member

Dominique De Rijcke - Executive Board Member

Dominique is since 2001 the director of various web and online related businesses, including one of the top 5 Belgian e-commerce agencies. He is also a consultant for e-commerce and digital developments.

Jean-François Duprez - Board Member

Jean-François Duprez - Board Member

Until 1996, Jean-François was a core member of the General Management of Groupe Auchan (France) and until 2007, CEO of the Groupe Camaieu (listed on SBF 120, France).

<a href="">Maurice Kantor</a> - Board member

Maurice Kantor - Board member

Maurice was an ESTP engineer after 3 years spent in the real estate business and 20 years as CEO of a company in the business services field, which was sold in 2011. Currently he provides investment advice and support to many start-up and scale-up companies.

<a href="">Frédéric Vanderoost</a> - Board member

Frédéric Vanderoost - Board member

Frédéric has over 25 years experience as investor and Business Developer. He had various Investment and Management positions in the commercial Real estate and in seed capital funds.

<a href="">Bert Vandeurzen</a> - Board member

Bert Vandeurzen - Board member

Bert is the Chief Family Officer within the VMF group, a family office specialised in investing and actively guiding scale-up companies with a technological (and usually) disruptive component. Bert has a management mandate in most of these participations, and is actively involved with management, where expertise and network are the drivers to allow these companies to scale optimally.

Corinne Evens - Board member

Corinne Evens - Board member

Coming from a family of diamond cutters spanning three generations, Corinne Evens was born into the mystery of rough stones, lulled by the structural poetry of stones, their origin and the grammar of jewellery. After studying mathematics at the ULB in Brussels, Corinne Evens joined her father's eponymous group in 1990 and succeeded him in 1996. The Evens group includes several activities such as real estate, private equity, hotels, jewellery and a philanthropic department. A businesswoman and philanthropist, she is passionate about art, travel and thrives on action and design.


Next to this stable group of shareholders, BAUNAT is also supported by a strong team of diamond experts. You can always reach out to our team if you have any questions whatsoever.

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