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✓ Excellent price
✓ Fully transparent in all communications
✓ Outstanding personal service
✓ High quality

BAUNAT in short

BAUNAT is a digital native brand with a clear philosophy and an efficient business model for supplying high-quality diamond jewellery. The Belgian brand was founded in 2008 in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, by Stefaan Mouradian and Steven Boelens, and has since grown into a popular diamond jewellery firm operating the world over.

BAUNAT stems from Beauté Naturelle (French for natural beauty) but written in a shorter, phonetic way so Beau-Nat became BAUNAT. Thanks to their efficient production system for high-quality handmade diamond jewellery, which eliminates unnecessary middlemen and overheads, you can always be sure of getting the best price and quality.

Excellent price

The emotional value of a jewel might be priceless, but its intrinsic value can be calculated. For this reason, we have made a conscious decision to adopt a straightforward approach and apply it to every facet of our business, meaning you will always pay the correct price for your diamond jewellery. You pay for what you get.

BAUNAT works with in-house production on demand from start to finish. This results efficient stock management. After placing your order, your jewellery is handmade in Antwerp or Paris, exclusively for you. This is possible by virtue of years of experience in the international diamond and jewellery industry. The founders of BAUNAT have been able to build up a wide and privileged network of diamond-cutting companies all over the world. We select our diamonds directly at the source to ensure the high quality of our gemstones.
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Fully transparent and honest in all communication

BAUNAT exclusively works with certified diamonds from the best three worldwide known independent laboratories: GIA, IGI, HRD. BAUNAT deliberately chooses 100% natural and conflict-free diamonds as well as sustainably sourced precious metals. We are fully honest and transparent in all our communication to our partners and clients.
Customer Service

Personalized top service

Choosing BAUNAT means choosing personal service and guidance, before, during and after the buying process. Our diamond jewellery advisors follow up the entire order process from start to finish and keep you informed at every stage as your beloved jewellery is created. All customers are allocated a personal expert they can contact with any question or inquiry. When your jewel is ready, we will contact you personally to agree upon a delivery date. Even once you have taken delivery of your jewellery, we will be in touch with you to make sure everything is to your liking.

Would you like an even more personal service? We would be delighted to arrange a private appointment for you at our showroom so that we can provide you with specialist assistance and give you our undivided attention. Please book an appointment with the showroom in advance so you can try on our jewellery in complete discretion. This is how we bring online and offline together, and support you in a way which is the most comfortable and enjoyable for you.

A high level of trust

Throughout the years, we have satisfied thousands of people by manufacturing the perfect diamond jewel for them. More than 3.500 such people have already left an independent review on Trustpilot. Their testimonials are the most authentic proof of our outstanding quality and personal service. For over seven consecutive years, BAUNAT remains number 1 in the category 'Online Jewellery' and even scores the highest rating in the broad category ‘Shopping & Fashion’. This reflects the importance of our customer centric service.

A sustainable way of working

We strive for an approach that is as sustainable as possible with respect for all the parties involved. Our entire diamond pipeline – from mining to our e-boutique and showrooms – is organised transparently and in collaboration with verified partners. We work exclusively with 18 karat recycled gold, 950 platinum and 100% natural conflict-free diamonds controlled by the Kimberley Process and with a GIA, HRD or IGI certificate. We are also a proud member of the Responsible Jewel Council, the world’s leading sustainability standard setting organisation for the jewellery and watch industry.

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