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Why you choose BAUNAT

For millennia, diamonds have captured our imagination. Even before we were able to polish the rough stone into a brilliant result, this unbreakable precious stone fascinated us. It represents elegance and power, versatility and simplicity.

Both the diamond and its value have a multitude of facets

This is why the BAUNAT team is committed to honour this special significance and brilliance through our exceptional conditions. You now have a chance to appreciate diamonds as never before. Discover what makes BAUNAT unique and why you would choose to buy diamond jewellery online on our website.

Our guarantees

Best price/quality ratio

BAUNAT stands for the best prices, maximum guarantees and excellent service for high-quality diamond jewellery.

Use of the most high quality materials and diamonds

We work with 100% natural diamonds, 18ct gold/950 platinum and craftsmanship. All our jewellery is handmade in one of our workshops in Antwerp or Paris.

100% transparency

BAUNAT guarantees its customers transparency in terms of communication and quality and therefore only delivers diamonds (from 0.30ct and above) with certificates of internationally recognized laboratories: GIA, HRD or IGI.

Our exceptional service

Our customers are our greatest asset. We give every one of them the opportunity to write a review and read reviews of other customers.

The best price/quality ratio for all BAUNAT diamond jewellery

BAUNAT buys its diamonds directly from the source, and sells its exquisite diamond jewellery collections online or on appointment in the BAUNAT showrooms.

This direct buying and selling means BAUNAT can avoid intermediaries and together with our inventive stock management, it allows us to offer our extensive and beautiful collection of diamond jewellery at the best price/quality ratio.
Because more than 65% of our clients buys online, we are able to build a fast growing customer base across the world in a very cost-effective way, without having to invest in luxurious retail outlets and corresponding overheads.

Nowadays, BAUNAT sells to more than 50 different countries. Our E-boutique is available in 8 different languages and our customers can buy in 7 different currencies through a wide variety of payment methods. Moreover, you can visit one of our showrooms in 7 countries and on 9 different locations.
BAUNAT promises its clients that its prices are closely related to the intrinsic cost of the underlying components & the materials used for the products on offer.

Consistent use of the most high quality materials and diamonds

The families behind BAUNAT have over 100 years of experience selecting the most beautiful and high quality diamonds from all over the world, ensuring only the best of the best is set in your diamond jewel.

What you can expect


Always 18 carat gold (75% gold) - alloy ‘au750’ and platinum 950 (95% platinum) - alloy ‘pt950’.


Always 100% natural diamonds; never treated, synthetic or clarity enhanced.


Our diamonds are certified by the 3 most renowned laboratories in the world: GIA, HRD, IGI.

About the diamond certificates and laboratories


BAUNAT has made the deliberate choice to never offer lower diamond qualities. We are always transparent and impartial in regards to this. BAUNAT also distances itself explicitly from practices such as self-written diamond certificates (a practice that apparently still occurs a lot) and inferior quality certificates by less reputable labs.

This way, we protect our clients from the risk that at future resale or a possible recertification by GIA, HRD or IGI the diamond(s) or diamond jewel is deemed to be of inferior quality and value. Each purchase also comes with a certificate of authenticity by the BAUNAT label, guaranteeing the quality of the design, materials, and craftsmanship.

Read more about diamond certificates and laboratories here

Diamond jewellery handmade by craftsmen based in Antwerp

Our entire team works closely together to create diamond jewellery of high quality, which lives up to the international reputation of the city of Antwerp and the exceptional quality standard BAUNAT stands for.

World centre of the diamond trade

BAUNAT is based in Antwerp, a city known since 1447 as the world centre of the diamond trade. Today, more than 50 % of the global diamond trade takes place in Antwerp and it is the home base for the most talented goldsmiths of the industry.

High quality craftsmanship

As a result, we can easily provide the high quality craftsmanship BAUNAT stands for. Through making our unique jewellery by hand, we can finish the jewel in much more detail and achieve a significantly higher quality compared to mass produced jewellery.

Local production

Because of our local production, BAUNAT is able to closely monitor the manufacturing of the diamond jewellery as well as organizing said manufacturing most efficiently. This is a prerequisite for us, as we operate with short delivery commitments.
Our headquarters is located in the Antwerp diamond district, where experience, passion and expertise have been passed down for generations.

Mastery of the craft passed down from generation to generation

The experience, passion and expertise in the Antwerp diamond district remains unrivalled anywhere in the world. Any further explanation as to why BAUNAT chooses to create its fine diamond jewellery and high quality engagement rings in the city of diamonds is, as a result, redundant. Our entire team works closely together to create diamond jewellery of high quality, which lives up to the international reputation of the city of Antwerp and the exceptional quality standard BAUNAT stands for.
Excellent service all round. Quick to answer emails, professional at all times and politely helpful with measurement advice. I would highly recommend this company, very trustworthy.

5 Star rating

More than 3000 customers reviewed us as excellent. Trustpilot is an independent rating platform that puts BAUNAT in first place in the category 'Online Jewellery' and even gives us the highest rating in the broad category ‘Shopping & Fashion’.

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Personal advice in a discreet setting

You can only visit our showrooms on appointment, so we can make sure you have our undivided attention. Do you already have a clear picture in mind of what you are looking for? Or do you not have any inkling as to which jewel you will choose? Whichever the case, you can be sure that together we will find the jewel that suits you perfectly.

Whether you prefer to contact us via e-mail, telephone, chat or WhatsApp or whether you would rather visit us personally: you can always reach us. Choose your preferred method and ask us any question that comes to mind. We are always on stand-by and happy to help.

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The benefits you enjoy

20 year product warranty

Fast delivery

Free and insured shipping

Return without questions asked

20 year product guarantee, supported by our unique hallmark and the BAUNAT jewellery certificate

Every piece of jewellery bears the unique BAUNAT hallmark, a legally recognised quality guarantee which ensures international identification. The hallmark was accorded to us by the Royal Mint of Belgium.

Every purchase likewise comes with a certificate of authenticity by the BAUNAT label, guaranteeing the quality of your jewel in terms of design, materials used and craftsmanship.

Lastly, BAUNAT offers all its customers a 20 year quality guarantee against any possible hidden flaws in your handmade diamond jewellery piece.

Transparent delivery commitments for the complete standard collection as well as tailor made jewellery

Delivery usually takes 1 to 10 business days. For a tailor made piece of jewellery, however, you need to take a production time of 4 business weeks into account.

After we have received your payment, our craftsmen carefully make your diamond jewellery piece by hand in our atelier in Antwerp.

Only in a very few cases is the jewel or loose diamond in stock in the showroom, and can you take it with you immediately after we have received your payment.

BAUNAT promises to deliver its jewellery, which you can find easily through our collections or by using the navigation menu at the top of this page, in excellent condition and as quickly as possible to any address in the world.

Free delivery and fast, safe and insured shipping

Regardless of the destination, BAUNAT takes it upon itself to cover the shipping costs. These cost are, in short, not added to the bill of the customer.

Moreover, our shipments are fully insured until you sign for reception. These insurance costs also are born by BAUNAT and not calculated into the purchase price the client has to pay.

Easily return your order or request a size adjustment

Thanks to our satisfaction guarantee, you have the opportunity to reconsider your purchase up to 30 days after reception of your jewel. Only our standard jewellery, as shown on, can be returned.

The 30 day return policy is not valid on tailor made jewellery, jewellery for which you received a personal quotation and customized and/or personalized jewellery.

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