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What is the difference between a Manual and an Automatic watch?

There are different types of watches, each working in their own specific way. At BAUNAT, we only offer high quality watches with an analogue display where the dial and gold hands show the exact time.

Analogue Display can be divided in two categories:

For the mechanical type, there are two different options: manual and automatic. This means they are powered by kinetic energy, a kind of energy that is obtained due to a certain movement or motion. They differentiate in the way the energy is made, which can be manual and automatic.

Mechanic watches, both manual and automatic, such as our limited-edition Swiss Collection, are very complex and involve real craftmanship work. Carefully put together by an expert, the watches have many tiny elements and components all working together to create an exceptional timepiece. 

Manual Mechanic

A traditional watch movement where the wearer has to manually wound the crown to create the energy for the hands to move. BAUNAT has one model amongst the remarkable Swiss Collection that works according to the manual mechanic system: our Chaux watch.

Automatic Mechanic

A quite popular type of watch where it combines the craftmanship of the mechanic watch with an easy to use system. The energy to power the watch comes from the wrist movements, meaning that the watch will maintain its power as long as it’s worn regularly. Our limited-edition Swiss Collection features six different models that work according to this system. The Jura watches, named after the region in Switzerland where they were manufactured, are handmade Swiss Made watches of the highest quality. Each color variation is only made 50 times, a number from 1 to 50 in engraved at the back indicating its uniqueness.

Have a look at our different watch collections.

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