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More than 4 C's

With every BAUNAT jewel which contains a diamond larger than 0.3 carat, you will receive a certificate of a renowned laboratory describing your stone's 4 C's. These 4 C's (carat, clarity, colour and cut) are the basic parameters which prove the authenticity of your diamond, and give an idea of its quality.

The classifications according to the 4 C's are rather limited, and will only ever be an approximation of reality. This is why BAUNAT buyers go beyond the laboratory reports when they select your diamonds.

BAUNAT shareholders, partners and suppliers can rely on over 100 years of passed-down knowledge. Thanks to their expertise, they can concentrate on what really matters: the radiance of the stone. This radiance is the result of the amount of white and coloured light that comes out of the stone. These three parameters are evaluated to decide which diamonds shine most.

BAUNAT specialists use the latest technologies to scientifically control these aspects. These extra selection procedures guarantee the top quality of your diamond.

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