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Why is the Swiss Collection a limited edition?

BAUNAT currently offers two different watch collections, one of those is the remarkable limited-edition Swiss Collection. But what exactly does this collection comprise, and why is it called a limited edition?The Swiss Collection has a high standard of perfection and is made according the Swiss Made craftmanship. The label Swiss Made reflects the high value and perfection of the watches. It’s a label that is only given when a watch is produced for at least 60% in Switzerland. BAUNAT’s Swiss Made watches are almost entirely produced there.

The watches adopts a mechanic movement that is either manual or automatic. One model, Chaux, is the only one comprising of a manual movement. On the other hand, Jura works according an automatic mechanic movement. Find out more about the difference between manual and automatic mechanic.

Whilst our other watch collection, the Italian Collection, will always be available for those looking for an elegant watch, the current models of the Swiss Collection will only be available for a certain period of time. The limited edition refers to the fact that each colour variation is only produced 50 times. A number of 1 to 50 is engraved on the back of each watch, indicating its uniqueness.

The quality of materials used to make these watches is very high and they were hand-made while paying a lot of attention to detail. An 18Kt yellow, red or white gold case, with matching hands, is supported by an exclusive alligator leather bracelet. 

Thanks to BAUNAT’s unique business model, we’re able to offer the highest quality watches at a very high price/quality ratio.

Watches with this limited availability, and extensive work put into them, are true collector’s items made for those who can appreciate the watchmaking know-how. With the Swiss Collection, watches become a piece with emotional value that you proudly pass along to the next generation.

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