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What diamonds does BAUNAT use?

BAUNAT only offers 100% natural diamonds. This means no treated, artificial or clarity intensified diamonds.

BAUNAT only works together with the most renowned certificates of the diamond industry worldwide: GIA, HRD & IGI. 

Baunat Group N.V. has a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. We only buy diamonds through the most respected diamond manufacturers.

The diamonds we select are high quality and offer the greatest brilliance in proportion to their cost.

We select the diamonds that sparkle to their maximum but pay no additional cost for prestige or rarity. Diamonds used by BAUNAT have a VS2 or SI1 score on the purity scale, and have a G or H colour. They also have an exceptional cut.

Diamonds with this result only have minor impurities that are impossible to see with the naked eye for a consumer.

Diamonds with this result have a very nice white colour without a yellow complexion.

1. Colour and clarity

BAUNAT offers 2 possible quality combinations:

G colour - VS2 clarity

H colour - SI1 clarity

Both combinations guarantee a diamond with a beautiful white colour without yellow complexion. VS2 diamonds contain inclusions that are not or hardly discernible to the naked eye. With SI1 diamonds, it is possible that inclusions can be very slightly discernible, but only under good conditions. In addition, all diamonds we select have a great shine because of their high score in terms of the quality of the cut.

The first combination (G-VS2) will be a little brighter than the second, because of the difference in colour and purity. The second combination can only be found in the jewellery category ‘Classics’ with a minimum of 0.30 ct diamonds.

2. Cut

In terms of the cut grade, we can distinguish different parameters, depending on the diamond shape:

a. Round diamonds

The cut can be divided in three parameters:

  • Cut
  • Polish
  • Symmetry

The Cut grade will always be awarded at least a 'VG' (Very Good) rating. On the parameters of Polish and Symmetry, in most cases you will receive at least 2 times VG or better. Please note that the above mentioned cut grade is the minimum; it can also be that you receive a higher quality (EX cut).

b. Other shapes (princess, oval, cushion, etc.)

All other diamond shapes (round diamonds excluded) have two parameters in terms of cut:

  • Polish
  • Symmetry

You will receive at least 1X VG 1xG, but in most cases 2xVG or better. Please note that the above mentioned Polish & Symmetry grade is the minimum; it can also be that you receive a higher quality (EX polish).

BAUNAT does not only select its diamonds based on the 4 C's you find on the diamond's certificate, but judges the quality of produced light. Because our headquarters are in the heart of the diamond world centre, we can carefully check every diamond. Ultimately we choose the diamonds based on the light they radiate. In other words, we only work with diamonds that shine better than the theoretical proprieties of their certificate (4 C's) would predict.

The combination of our know-how and methods and the fact that diamond industry prices are based on the 4 C's allow us to offer the best price-quality ratio. Only diamonds with a maximal shine will be chosen. A diamond's radiance results from the white light, the movement of light, and the coloured light it reflects.

Diamonds are placed in jewellery pieces in a specific way, so that the table (the top flat part of the diamond) is visible. The bottom part of the diamond, which ends in a cone, usually isn't visible. For instance, in a ring, the bottom part disappears inside the ring. This way, light only enters the diamond from the top of the stone. Because of the specific light refraction of diamonds and the mirror effect of the bottom sides, light will come back out the top of the diamond in all the colours of the rainbow. This process is only maximised if the diamond is cut perfectly, has perfect proportions and if all angles and sides were cut according to the mathematical model of 58 sides.

The diamond will only shine its best if the light is controlled. Otherwise, the light gets lost or disappears in another corner of the diamond.

The cutting process is of course a very difficult, risky and time-consuming process and requires years of expertise. Because all the diamond's growing nerves aren't visible, the work can't be computerised, and is always done by hand. Years of training are required.

Our jewels can carry any shape and size of diamonds: round, princess (square), pear (teardrop) and many others (on demand, see ‘TAILOR MADE’).

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