• The water vapour test
  • The light reflection test
  • Ask for the advice of a diamond dealer or professional jeweller

For an engagement ring, a necklace or another piece of jewellery, the diamond is the most requested gemstone. Not only because it is a breath-taking stone, but also because of its strength and durability. When you want to buy a diamond as an investment, the quality is of course very important. But how do you know if you have a real diamond? With the following tips, you will soon be an authenticity expert.

The water vapour test

If you want to check for yourself whether your diamond is real or fake, then there is nothing simpler than the water vapor test. You just have to exhale on the diamond. If no vapour mist appears, the diamond is real. If there is a damp vapour spot on the stone, then you are dealing with a different type of stone. Genuine diamond is one of the strongest and most resistant raw materials on earth. It will therefore always remain translucent and clear, even when exposed to extreme temperatures.

The light reflection test

Another way to check whether your diamond is real or fake is the light reflection test. Diamonds sparkle due to the way they break and deflect light. Place your diamond on a newspaper. With a real diamond, you will not be able to see the black letters because external light is scattered inside the diamond. Can you see the black of the letters through it or can you read the text through the diamond? Then unfortunately you have a fake one.

Ask for the advice of a diamond dealer or professional jeweller

If you are not completely sure of these do-it-yourself tests, or if they don’t provide sufficient information, then you can certainly address BAUNAT. There are various professional tests for ensuring the authenticity of your stone. The most common methods are the microscope test, the weight test with a precision scale or the test with a UV lamp. In the meantime, ask for more explanation.

Do you doubt the authenticity of your diamonds? Make an appointment with one of the BAUNAT experts, and they will be happy to help you.

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