White gold is still the most popular color, but the more traditional yellow golden wedding rings are taking ‘revenge’. Also 18 carat golden and platinum wedding rings will boom this year. The gold price has fallen down and people want to invest in quality again. And this at the expense of cheaper 9 carat golden and silver wedding rings. The color rosé is now totally out of fashion.

These days it’s not so important anymore that wedding rings are identical. There is a difference in width, but couples more and more order two completely different wedding rings. Logical, when you consider that you have to wear them for years - with pleasure! Engravings in wedding rings are getting more personal than ever, so they get a special meaning. Thanks to modern laser techniques you can literally engrave everything. Fingerprints, your own handwriting, selfmade logos or even photos, nothing is impossible!

Also this year wedding rings will be set with diamonds, for both men and women. It’s striking that more and more men want a wedding ring with (mostly) one diamond. Men also want to shine on the most beautiful day of their life and the following years. We offer a wide selection of diamond wedding rings.

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