Antwerp is by far the most important diamond city in the world. Everyone agrees on that. But the famous metropolis at the Scheldt is obviously not the only place on Earth where diamonds are traded and cut on a large scale. Here you can discover some of the most prestigious diamond cities in the world! They already have one thing in common: an inextricable link to Antwerp.


The United States are responsible for more than 30% of the total yearly sale of diamond. Chicago is the capital of the American diamond sector. A portion of the diamonds in The Windy City come from Antwerp, but also from the US diamond mines themselves.


Amsterdam has a rich tradition in trading rough diamonds. Even though they are still a formidable competitor, the city has had to lose some of its significance on the international diamond market in the last few centuries. Amsterdam still remains one of the most important processing and distribution centres for the European market. Following Antwerp, of course.

Hong Kong

You can already guess the origin of most of the cut diamonds in Hong Kong. This special Chinese administrative region can rely on an exceptional reputation in terms of the sale of diamonds and diamond jewellery. Moreover, Hong Kong is situated in an enormous growing market: more and more couples are getting married there with for example a diamond engagement ring.


Traditionally, most of the finished diamond jewellery is sold in London. Since World War II, the British capital has become a kind of storage place for diamonds, which will be used to set into jewellery afterwards. Of course, the bulk of the stored diamond passed through Antwerp first.


Tokyo really is the odd man out in the diamond sector. How do they differentiate themselves from Antwerp? They are specialised in the processing of diamonds into telephones, gadgets and other utilitarian objects. Unlike in Belgium, the big earners in Japan are prepared to give anything in order to give their smartphone an exclusive touch with a dazzling diamond.

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