Whether you are petite, tall, curvy or thin, not all necklace designs can fit everyone. You need to take into consideration the length of the diamond necklace but also the style and how subtle or large it is. The necklace needs to be perfect for you and your personality. Furthermore, you may also wish to buy a diamond necklace for a special occasion. Whichever the reason, it is important to choose your necklace wisely.

  • Choosing the right design for you
  • Taking into account the length of the diamond necklace

Choosing the right design for you

If you have a particular occasion in mind, such as a wedding, a gala or a special anniversary, then you may choose a design that is particularly fitting for that special event. For these types of events, you can be a little more extravagant and purchase a more elaborate design that will be the centre piece of your outfit.

You may choose an intricate designer necklace that is inspired by a certain theme, thereby ensuring that your décolleté and neck are covered in a myriad of sparkling diamonds. This type of design combined with a deep coloured stylish dress truly make for a flawless ensemble.

But should you prefer more subtle and fine jewellery then you could also decide to buy a delicate solitaire diamond pendant with matching earrings. This combination is ideal when you wish to add just that little sparkle to your attire that will make a difference, without being too ostentatious.

A breathtaking 3.65 carat diamond necklace in white gold by BAUNAT.

Taking into account the length of the diamond necklace

As you will be looking at various diamond necklaces, you will notice that there are various lengths possible. Depending whether you are petite or tall, if you do not know which length is ideal for you, do not hesitate to try a couple of styles on, so that you can get a proper understanding to the length that is best for you.

The two most popular lengths are the choker, that wraps around the neck or sits just at the base of the neck, and the princess or pendant, which is 40 to 45cm long and sits right on your collar bone. The latter is often accompanied by a diamond pendant.

Both these diamond necklaces are actually quite versatile and can be worn by most women. The advantage with these lengths are that they can be worn on their own but also combined to other necklaces for a modern effect.

Are you looking for a special diamond necklace? BAUNAT is your answer. We offer a beautiful online collection of necklaces of various lengths and of different styles, from designer to classics. Do not hesitate to browse through our online collection and to book an appointment in one of our private showrooms should you need guidance and to try on some of the designs.

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