Wedding rings are a strong symbol for the bond between a couple and by choosing their rings every couple inevitably demonstrates their commitment.

For a man it’s much easier to choose his wedding ring than for a woman. The reason for this is the broader range of models and designs available for women. Moreover, designs for men’s rings strongly resemble each other for the most part.

One wears a wedding ring for life. The future bride selects the ring she wants herself, perfectly in line with her personality.

But, matching her ring to that of her loved one and future husband is not a piece of cake, seeing as men often prefer a sober ring without diamonds, while women are mostly seduced by a sparkling ring with diamonds. In the end, the best option is to choose the same alloy and to strive for maximum simplification of his ring. The most classical alloys are white gold, platinum and yellow gold.

An eternity wedding ring set with diamonds for madam and a simple ring for the gentleman, both made from the same metal. This is the ideal choice in order to harmonise your wedding bands in an elegant way.

There are three types of classic wedding rings. First and foremost, you have the round ring, which is fully rounded and more suited for women due to its spherical shape. The semi-round ring is completely flat on the inside, but rounded on the outside. This is a timeless ring that is suitable for women as well as men. The ribbon is entirely flat and a better fit for men, seeing as these rings are a little bit bigger than average.

If you still have doubts or questions, you can always assuage them by talking to our jewel experts. At BAUNAT, a competent and dynamic team, you will be welcomed with open arms and advised during the purchase of your jewel. It is, furthermore, also possible to order matching wedding bands made to size.

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