Woman wearing earrings and ring from her jewellery collection — BAUNAT

A guide to building up your jewellery collection

What are the ten essential pieces all women must have in their jewellery collection? The experts at BAUNAT are on hand to help you start your collection

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Four diamond rings on index finger of woman - BAUNAT

10 tips on how to look after your diamond ring

Curious about practical maintenance tips for your gold ring with a diamond? Discover our 10 tips and continue to enjoy a dazzling piece of jewellery for years.

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Clean your jewellery yourself

The effect of salt water and chlorine on jewellery

How can I clean chlorine and salt from my jewellery? • BAUNAT explains how to maintain high quality diamonds • Read more about how to care for them here

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Woman with tennis bracelet and other jewellery from BAUNAT

What is the exact meaning behind the tennis bracelet?

How do I buy a diamond tennis bracelet which suits me? What's the meaning behind the tennis bracelet? BAUNAT can tell you all about it.

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What is the meaning behind the cuff bracelet?

Do you want to know the history behind the cuff bracelet? What its meaning is, and how the cuff bracelet is worn nowadays? BAUNAT explains all.

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Woman wears a cocktail ring - BAUNAT

What is a cocktail ring?

What is a cocktail ring? Find out how to wear a cocktail ring. BAUNAT provides tips on your diamond ring

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