Brilliant ring with prong setting lies on marble table - BAUNAT

Diamond settings explained: the prong setting

Why is a prong setting the favorite choice for an engagement ring? The BAUNAT experts explain everything about the prong setting.

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Diamond jewellery style guide

Are you looking for diamond jewellery to match your fashion, physique or hairstyle? The experts at BAUNAT have some advice for you, in our comprehensive style guide

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Collection of brilliants in various formats - BAUNAT

Can you damage a diamond and how can you protect your diamond jewellery?

Although it is the hardest stone type in the world, a diamond can become damaged or even crack. The BAUNAT experts give you advice on how best to protect your diamond jewellery.

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Ethical jewellery from BAUNAT

Where can you buy ethical jewellery?

BAUNAT buys precious metals and precious stones directly from the source and checks the production chain. - Buy your ethical jewellery from BAUNAT.

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How can I check for myself whether a diamond is real or fake?

How can you tell if a diamond is fake or real? BAUNAT shows you some simple tests and, as a qualified jeweller, can check the authenticity for you.

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What is platinum, the noblest of precious metals?

What is platinum? When was this noble precious metal discovered? Why should you choose platinum jewellery for him or her? Find all the answers at BAUNAT.

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