When men buy an engagement ring, they usually choose a design that is set with a brilliant or a princess cut. These are still the two most popular diamond shapes. Not many people think of a pear-shaped diamond. However, this diamond shape looks very elegant and exudes a certain extravagance. Ideal for women who want that little bit more. So, it is time to give the pear-shaped diamond some extra attention. 


Because of its sharp point and rounded end, the pear-shaped diamond reminds you of a sparkling teardrop. An engagement ring with an elongated pear-shaped diamond makes the finger look more slender. The unique and playful look of this diamond shape is also perfectly set in other diamond jewels, for example pendants and earrings. We at BAUNAT can also create tailor made designs.

Choosing a pear-shaped diamond

When you are planning to buy an engagement ring online set with a pear-shaped diamond, it is important to keep the length-to-width ratio in mind. That largely determines the appearance of the stone. Traditionally, pear-shaped diamonds have a length-to-width ratio of 1.45 and 1.75. Some, however, prefer a slightly longer and thinner shape, while others choose a shorter and more compact design. Not the least important fact is that a pear-shaped diamond should be beautifully symmetrical. This also determines how the diamond will look eventually.

You choose a pear-shaped diamond for its breathtaking brilliance. Therefore, you best choose a stone with the highest possible cutting quality that fits your budget. Surprise your girlfriend with a beautiful diamond engagement ring while proposing.

A ring set with a pear-shaped diamond is gorgeous and original as an engagement ring. Whichever diamond shape is your favourite, we at BAUNAT have an extensive collection of diamond rings.

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