Wedding etiquette: which gold jewellery does the dress code call for

As a guest, how do I meet the required dress code for a wedding? • What gold jewellery do I wear as a bride? • Prepare festively with BAUNAT.

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Choosing the perfect wedding ring for him and for her

How to choose the perfect wedding rings for a man and woman? • Browse our collection of qualitative wedding rings • Seek advice from the BAUNAT experts

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A wedding abroad on a beach. - BAUNAT

Everything you need to know about getting married abroad

Why should you get married abroad? • Read here about whether getting married abroad is legal and discover our collection of wedding rings to add the finishing touch to your...

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Find your perfect engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring: expert tips & tricks

Buying an engagement ring 101, buying an engagement ring how much to spend, what to ask when buying an engagement ring • The experts at BAUNAT will share their tips here • Read...

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Can I choose a non diamond engagement ring?

What alternatives are there to the traditional diamond? What if you preferred to buy or design an engagement ring with no gemstone? BAUNAT can help.

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My wedding checklist

How far ahead do I book my wedding venue? When should I start looking for my perfect wedding dress? Find out with BAUNAT’s checklist.

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