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Where in France can I personally visit BAUNAT?

  • Which showrooms does BAUNAT have in France?
  • Why were these cities specifically chosen?
  • Which other international showrooms does BAUNAT have?

  • BAUNAT’s showrooms are always given a very carefully selected location, which perfectly links into the exclusive atmosphere of our handmade diamond jewellery. How many showrooms are there in France? Why were these specific locations chosen?

    Which showrooms does BAUNAT have in France?

    BAUNAT has 2 showrooms in France: a jeweller in Paris and one in Nice. Even though the cities are almost 1000 kilometres apart, they still share their unique atmosphere. They each exude a unique enchantment and magic in their own individual way. The jeweller in Paris is located on the Rue de Faubourg Saint Honoré, the poshest shopping street in the city. The jeweller in Nice forms part of the colourful city centre, which exudes the unique atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur.

    Why were these specific city centres chosen?

    Diamonds have a rich history in Paris, which means the capital is instantly also the perfect choice for a showroom. The Lichtstad is the perfect scene for the biggest romantic gestures and ideal for your marriage proposal. That’s why it isn’t just the ideal place to choose an engagement ring together as a couple and to subsequently order it from your jeweller in Paris, you also have the option of ordering diamond jewellery online beforehand and having this delivered in Paris in time for your visit.

    Nice, on the other hand, exudes the nostalgic luxury of an exclusive coastal city. The azure coastline which the area is named after radiates cinematic glamour, which BAUNAT’s diamond jewellery perfectly fits into. A BAUNAT jeweller in Nice was therefore simply unavoidable.

    Which other international showrooms does BAUNAT have?

    BAUNAT has a total of 9 international showrooms, all set up at exclusive and bustling locations. You can make an appointment for personal assistance at 8 of the showrooms. The showroom in Mumbai is purely a nerve centre for shipments and deliveries. You can therefore collect your exclusive diamond jewellery from there, but you won’t be able to choose it there.

    When can I arrange for an appointment at the jeweller in Nice or Paris? What assistance will I receive with the choosing of my diamond jewellery? Ask BAUNAT’s experts for advice or instantly make an appointment in one of our showrooms.

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