Diamond rings are primarily for women. But, this does not mean that men shouldn’t wear them. There are many beautiful designs and styles that suit their personality and that are very sophisticated. Here are some tips how a diamond ring can project masculinity:


Less is more. Keep the subtle diamond ring for maximum effect. For example, it is better that the diamond is less than 1.00 carat. If you want a ring with multiple diamonds, make sure they are delicately set. This way, the final view will be more masculine. The ring will attracts attention, but is not too pretentious.

Choose for colour

Coloured diamonds (and / or precious stones) have been very popular with women for a while, but also men choose for colour nowadays. Go for a masculine colour, for example, black diamonds are very tough, but also yellow ones are suitable.


For men, the design of a diamond ring can be extraordinary. Give it a unique twist and create your own version of the classic eternity ring by setting it only half instead of full. This will give the ring a masculine appearance.

Natural materials

For additional masculinity, you can add natural materials such as rosewood or bamboo. The contrast between glamour and robustness is tempting and currently very popular with men.

Form and precious metal

As an alternative for a round formed ring, a square ring is worth considering. If you add a diamond to their structured, manly form, your unique men's ring will surely stand out. Men often choose traditional precious metals such as platinum, yellow or white gold, but also red gold diamond rings are an option.

Diamonds are always a good idea, even for men. They increasingly opt for a diamond wedding ring or a diamond ring as accessory. We at BAUNAT have an extensive collection of diamond rings for men, which can also be customized.

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