• Buying a diamond necklace is an investment for life.
  • We will highlight 2 gorgeous models.
  • Stille haven’t found a diamond necklace? At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection

Buying a diamond necklace is a well-advised decision. It is an investment for life that has to match every outfit, after all. Which model you prefer depends completely on your personal style a taste. Men who wish to buy their loved one a diamond necklace, as a birthday surprise for example, better consider this. Every bit of help and inspiration is most welcome for this. At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection of necklaces and we will highlight two of our favourite models:

Fine necklace + diamond pendant

More and more women like fine necklaces, that are worn together, and where different precious metals are combined. To buy her such a diamond jewellery piece will definitely be very much appreciated. A fine necklace combined with a diamond pendant is the perfect model. Both timeless and elegant. This diamond necklace goes with every outfit and can easily be worn every day. Whether she has to pick up the kids from school, do grocery shopping, etc., or whether she has to get ready for a party, with this subtle eyecatcher you cannot go wrong.

Médaillon d’Anvers

Talking about eyecatchers: our Médaillon d’Anvers. This medallion deserves a prominent place in our design collection. A lot of focus went to the subtle details when designing this medallion. The Médaillon d’Anvers has been finished beautifully with diamonds, available in yellow, white and red gold, every version is gorgeous. By adding a picture of your loved one or the children, you will always carry them close to your heart. The medallion symbolizes security, tenderness and love. So if you are planning to buy her a romantic diamond jewel, think about a Médaillon d’Anvers.

Would you like to buy a diamond necklace? Have a look at our extensive collection. Are you interested in one of our models or do you have a questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us met ons op te nemen.

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