Colored diamonds are popular for a while, but recently we can add the black color to the list as well. In period of times where many people search for something that not everyone wears, black diamonds could be a nice alternative for colorless diamonds. A diamond ring set with black diamonds is a unique wedding ring. Combine with colorless diamonds in a white gold or platinum setting and make your ring a unique eyecatcher.

Black white

A black diamond ring looks pretty cool and has a more masculine appearance.

Nowadays many men add a black diamond to their wedding ring, to accentuate their masculinity. By adding white diamonds, the ring will look more feminine. The combination of black and colorless diamonds is very beautiful in a pavé setting, this way you will get the checkerboard effect. Very nice as an engagement ring. A complete black pavé also belongs to the possibilities, especially for women who are not looking for a romantic ring but a modern and original ring. An alternative to the classic eternity ring is to set (alternately) with black and white diamonds. In other words, the possibilities are endless, it all depends on your personal style and taste. Every model can be set with black diamonds, whether or not in combination with colorless stones.

Which precious metal?

A diamond ring set with black (and white) diamonds is most beautiful in white gold or platinum. Both precious metals accentuate the black color. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. Platinum is more durable, while gold is cheaper. Yellow and red gold may getting more popular, they are not recommended to for black diamonds.

For diamond rings you have definitely come to the right place. Of course, there is a possibility to purchase a tailor made diamond ring set with black diamonds. We will be happy to further assist you. 

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