Whether you are rather discreet in your jewellery choices or if you’d rather make a statement each time you wear a piece of jewellery, you may have noticed that a diamond pendant will always be considered a sophisticated option.

Brief history of pendants

Pendants were actually one of the earliest pieces of jewellery used to adorn the body. They were either used as hanging ornaments: like an earring, or as a pendant dangling from a chain or necklace. It is said that some of the materials used, depending on the regions and their beliefs, were for example organic material such as shells, indigenous materials or even scarab beetle pendants, which nowadays are still considered by Egyptians as a symbol of power and wealth.

Several different designs could actually also be considered pendants, but the one that we are most interested in of course, is the diamond pendant. For its sparkle, its durability and simply because it is incomparable.

Which pendant would suit you best?

Although that really is a question of taste and one often spontaneously thinks of a diamond pendant in a solitaire setting, meaning one diamond set in gold or platinum on a chain, there are more than a couple of designs to choose from.

Choosing the shape of the diamond

You can start by considering the shape of the diamond that you would like. The most popular ones are usually the round brilliant or the princess cut. They are elegant and you know that by choosing either one or the other, you will always love their shape.

Choosing the setting or design

Then comes the type of setting or design and several questions. Would you prefer the simple and exquisite solitaire setting or would you rather have a sparkling halo around your diamond. Would you have the diamond set to be at the heart of the pendant or as part of an overall creative design where the diamond is not the centerpiece.

All of these ideas are of course appealing and whether you choose the subtler diamond pendant or the fashion statement, we can tell you that it is a timeless design that every woman simply needs to have in her jewellery box.

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