Diamond bracelets are the essential accessories that can bring your outfits to a higher level, but before they can complete that function, it is important that the bracelet is perfectly tailored. The shape of the bracelet is just as important as the colour (yellow gold, white gold, red gold or platinum), noted that the shape must match your body type. Hence the question about how to choose a diamond bracelet, here are some useful tips that can help you with your purchase. 

Choose a tailor-made bracelet

The idea is to design a tailor-made bracelet so that you cannot mistake the size nor the shape. Our workshop is looking forward to customize the design of your diamond bracelet. But before you can start, you have to measure the size of your wrist. In order to do that, you can use a measuring tape that you simply wrap around your wrist. The perfect size should be one or two cm longer than the size of your wrist. You should know that the average size of a women's bracelet is between 19 and 21 cm. For the purchase of a diamond bracelet, you must be informed about the length of the jewel.

Choose the shape and size of the bracelet

The shape and size of the desired bracelet depend on your body type. If you are rather tall, then you should better choose for a jewel that is sufficiently big. You can definitely favour a more refined bracelet to show off your arm. The ultimate goal of a bracelet is to attract all the attention by putting yourself in the spotlight. Of course, you have to determine the material of your bracelet: white gold, red gold, yellow gold or platinum.

If you are curved, then you should choose bracelets in a yellow or red gold. The yellow golden bracelets are perfect for curvy women. However, because of the proportions, you must avoid combining it with different jewels, such as big necklaces.

If you are small, then you should preferably choose to wear more fine bracelets and delicate designs. Avoid the impressive style, unless the bracelet is bright and sparkling. Besides your body type, you have to choose a bracelet according to the comfort of its closure. 

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