• What is the cuff bracelet’s meaning and where does it come from?
  • What is a cuff bracelet?
  • What does a cuff bracelet look like today?

The cuff bracelet, formally known as the slave bracelet, is a bracelet that has always been popular in a way. It is a timeless design that easily looks elegant and modern in every metal. But what is the cuff bracelet’s meaning and where does it come from?

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What is the cuff bracelet’s meaning and where does it come from?

The cuff bracelet as mentioned briefly before, used to be called the slave bracelet. It finds its origin in various cultures but according to historians, it was the Portuguese slave traders who started it as they paid for slaves with particular coins called Manillas.

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These Portuguese coins were then shaped by the Nigerians into intricate bracelets with thicker ends that they called “slave bracelets”. It is also said that the cuff bracelet meaning came from  African traders who shaped copper bars into bracelets to be used as money to trade slaves. Nowadays, it is not really appropriate to use that name for that particular style which is why it has been gradually replaced with the name cuff bracelet.

The modern name for the “slave” bracelet is cuff bracelet.

What is a cuff bracelet?

A cuff bracelet is essentially a simple band of gold and it is rigid. The particularity of this bracelet is that it is not a closed bracelet and usually ends with two larger spheres of metal. It is sleek and modern and really goes well with many different styles. It can be found in silver and gold.

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What does a cuff bracelet look like today?

Today the cuff bracelet is very trendy and it is a style that is appreciated by both men and women alike. But it has evolved from the plain metal band ending with two spheres to more elaborate bracelets. Today, you may find beautiful cuff bracelets that are inspired by the tennis bracelet and therefore entirely set with small identical diamonds. These diamonds instantly add sparkle and a luxurious feel to an otherwise fairly classic cuff.

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