• Which bracelets do I choose?
  • What do I pay attention to when stacking bracelets?
  • Which bracelet is going to be an eye catcher?


Why wear more than one gold bracelet? How to combine golden bracelets in a stylish way? Stacking bracelets is trendy. Dare to be more showy and bold. You don’t really know what’s okay and what isn’t? No worries, there are no strict rules. Experiment while looking into the mirror and go for a fashionable look with these tips. 

Which bracelets do I choose?

You can find gold bracelets in all shapes, sizes and colours. There’s an extensive catalogue of gold and diamond bracelets and you’re probably wondering how to choose the perfect bracelet. To make a choice, you first need to measure your wrist. Because you don’t want a gold bracelet that slides down your hand.

To stack bracelets, you don’t have to be scared to combine different shapes and colours.

What do I pay attention to when stacking bracelets?

The answer to that question is very simple: almost nothing. As we said, you don’t have to limit yourself to one size or colour. You can combine a gold bracelet in white gold, with one in yellow gold and even in red gold for a fashionable look. There are enough reasons to choose for jewellery in red gold. So, you should definitely give it a try.

You should limit the stacking of bracelets to one arm and let the other arm free. A striking ring on the opposite hand is possible. The secret of this look is finding the right balance.

Which bracelet is going to be an eye catcher?

Even when you’re wearing multiple bracelets, it’s nice to have one of them stand out. A tennis bracelet is the perfect eye catcher. Stylish and practical. This one is easy to combine and won’t bother you when you’re wearing it to work.

Ready to experiment with different bracelets? Be seduced by the great selection of bracelets or get your dream jewel tailor made. For more information contact the experts of BAUNAT. 


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