• What do I need to know about diamonds? 
  • Which diamond engagement ring is suitable as an investment?
  • What will I be saying to her with a diamond?
  • How much should I spend on my ‘investment ring’?
  • How should the ring be protected?
  • Where is the best place to buy her engagement ring?

The sun rises for nothing! Every success requires an investment. This applies both to your professional life as well as your private life. Although it’s not obvious that you should be devoting an equal amount of time and energy to both. However, it still remains important to have a clear goal in mind and continue to aim for this at every level. Have you already managed to realise a number of successes? Then prepare yourself for the next step, both professionally and privately. How can you invest in your financial future and your relationship? Buy a diamond engagement ring!

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What do I need to know about diamonds? 

Diamonds have always had an extraordinary appeal. An even though the production has tripled since the nineteen eighties, they are still regarded as a rare commodity. This rarity has everything to do with the very long journey diamonds need to complete. A journey which started at around 150 km belong the earth’s surface more than 3 billion years ago.

So quite some process before your partner can show off her diamond engagement ring! You should also know that barely 15 to 20% of all diamonds found today will be suitable for incorporating in an item of jewellery. Plus around 250 tons of earth needs to be mined in order to reclaim 1 carat of diamond.

Both the localising of diamond mines as well as the mining itself are not easy processes and already require a certain investment. Exploration costs can certainly start to mount very easily. Once the rough diamonds have been mined, they will be sorted in accordance with their size, shape, colour and purity. Independent laboratories, such as GIA, IGI and HRD, will subsequently work on grading the diamonds and combining the quality characteristics in the compulsory certificate.

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Which diamond engagement ring is most suitable as an investment?

It goes without saying not every diamond engagement ring is suitable as an investment. There is most definitely a difference between diamonds intended for jewellery and diamonds suitable for investment purposes. If you want to combine the two, it’s important to know what the 4 C’s, which summarise the quality of the diamond, mean.

The right investment diamond isn’t the biggest, nor the rarest. When you invest, you will usually opt for a diamond which can easily be sold on again. However, do take into account that your diamond, just like your relationship, is a long-term investment. Having said that, you won’t need to wait for your diamond wedding anniversary (i.e. 60 years) to sell your diamond with a profit. You should preferably wait 20 years to be able to realise an increase in value. 

But which quality characteristics does your diamond need to satisfy? A good investment diamond is a diamond between 1 ct and 6 ct, with a clarity scale between Flawless and VS2 and a colour grade of at least D, E, F or G. It’s perfectly possible to buy a quality diamond like this and have it incorporated in an engagement ring.

TIP: This short video explains the different abbreviations used on the certificate for the clarity scale, colour grade and other quality characteristics.

What will I be saying to her with a diamond?

Let’s consider the diamond’s emotional value. Surely this is at least as important as the investment value? A diamond symbolises eternal love and strength. In ancient times people even thought this stone had magical powers to protect the wearer against illnesses, poison and even enemies.

It has also been claimed that the diamond promotes spiritual insights and clairvoyance. The stone is also known as the stone of reconciliation. So plenty of positive qualities to use it to ask someone to marry you. And we owe this tradition to the Archduke Maximilian of Austria.

He was the first to strengthen his marriage proposal with a diamond engagement ring back in 1477. Other monarchs and noblemen were quick to copy this custom. It’s really quite extraordinary when you consider diamonds were exclusively permitted to be worn by men in ancient times. Men didn’t think women were strong enough to handle the diamond’s magic powers ...

The biggest boost for the diamond engagement ring came from the diamond giant De Beers. The company launched an advertising campaign in 1947 with photographs of engagement rings and the ‘a diamond is forever’ slogan. They made the diamond an equal to marriage with these simple yet iconic words: precious and unbreakable.

They also had an opinion about how much you should invest in the ring. In the nineteen thirties De Beers advised people to spend one month’s wages on a diamond engagement ring. But after a successful campaign they increased this to two months’ wages in the nineteen forties. The new advertising campaign was as follows: ‘Two months’ wages will show the future Mrs Smith what her future will look like’.

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How much should I spend on my ‘investment ring’?  

The budget for an engagement ring is still a hot topic today, which appears to be linked to both age and culture. Recent research has shown that, for example, a British man will spend an average of 2500 euro on an engagement ring, but an American will dig a little deeper into his savings in order to ask his loved one to marry him.

And what does an investment diamond cost? You will generally already have a quality 1 carat investment diamond from 5000 to 6000 euro. As stated previously, the requirements for loose investment diamonds are higher than for diamonds which have been incorporated in jewellery. But we also already confirmed that a combination of the two is perfectly possible too.

It’s therefore possible to choose a ring design and to subsequently have your investment diamond incorporated in this. But if you want to surprise her with a unique engagement ring, then you could design it yourself! This would also be a great way of showing you how prepared you are to invest in her, your relationship and your future.

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How should the ring be protected?

Of course it should never be the intention for her diamond engagement ring to be safely locked up in a safe. Although this would obviously be the best way to protect an investment ring. But an engagement ring should be worn and seen! And don’t forget: a diamond may be hard, but it’s not strong.

In principle only another diamond can scratch a diamond. But should you catch the stone at a certain angle with a steel hammer, then it can certainly still burst apart. Not that you’re obviously intending on subjecting her diamond engagement ring to a test like that, but we just wanted to let you know.

You can already start thinking about extra protection during the design process. There are, for example, various different possible settings for her engagement ring. The bezel setting is ideal for various different types of jewellery, but especially for rings which are worn on a daily basis. A thin metal band surrounds the diamond, giving it extra protection against damage.

When the ring is not being worn, it’s best to store it in the soft pouch it was packaged in when purchased or shipped. This will prevent the diamonds being able to touch each other and get damaged. You should always take the ring off when cleaning, showering, swimming or going to the beach and store it as mentioned above.

We also recommend regularly checking and cleaning the ring. You can simply do this at home, although we do advise caution! Even if you do decide to maintain your own jewellery or stone, an annual check by a specialist is still essential. With daily use we would even recommend several professional checks every year.

TIP: You can read more about how a professional check is done here and why this is necessary.    

What is the best place to buy her engagement ring?

Now you are well-informed, you are ready to invest in your relationship and your diamond. But what is the best place to buy your engagement or investment ring? At the source! Why pay intermediaries when you could spend this budget on a larger or higher quality diamond?

And you can simply consult and use that source from the comfort of your home. Did you know that the price for diamond jewellery online is an average of 30% to 50% cheaper than in physical shops? After all, the cost for operating and managing a shop is included in the total price of your jewellery.

BAUNAT avoids these unnecessary intermediaries for both sales and purchases and has also been working online for many years. This is instantly noticeable where our prices are concerned, without sacrificing either service or quality. Do you still think it’s important to physically see the diamond or jewellery first? Then you also have the option of visiting our showroom by appointment.

Are you ready to buy a unique engagement ring for her, with a diamond which is just as unique? Then contact BAUNAT’s experts now via email, chat or phone or make an appointment to visit the showroom, where you can take all the time you need.

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