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Tailor made wedding rings

We give future couples the possibility of creating tailor made wedding rings that are fully designed according to their wishes. At BAUNAT, our experts and artisan goldsmiths will give your wedding rings an authentic and eternal touch.
Thanks to our skilled craftsmen, we can guarantee tailor made wedding rings of high quality. Furthermore, our experts will help you with the friendliest and most supportive customer service.

We will give you a personal service from the second you contact us, to the moment you both say "I do".

Why choose Tailor made wedding rings?

Wedding rings or eternity rings are a very important symbol that you will be wearing for your whole life. As every marriage is unique, your wedding rings should equally symbolise what makes your relationship special.

Remember that on your wedding day, which is the most beautiful day of your life, you will be at the centre of the attention. Furthermore, during the ceremony, there will be the exchange of rings which symbolises your greatest commitment to the person you love the most.
Since you are unique as a couple, your wedding rings should represent your relationship to one another.

For this dreamlike celebration, you need to choose between two options, you can either choose a classic wedding band, or have tailor made wedding rings designed completely to your liking. We would highly recommend you choosing to personalise your wedding rings. Wedding rings need to be one-of-a-kind pieces as they represent your love, your dearest memories of that special day when you said yes, as well as your shared and individual aspirations.
From classic styles to more outspoken designs, each wedding ring we make is designed to perfectly capture you as a person and as a couple.

Please note that we can only offer you to create tailor made wedding rings if it is in combination with the purchase of a solitaire diamond ring or if you have already ordered an engagement ring at BAUNAT previously.

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