Tailor made engagement ring

Are you looking for a stunning and unique engagement ring to match your future fiancée’s dreams? BAUNAT is here to help. We have a special service entirely dedicated to helping you create your own completely personalised engagement ring.

Surprise your future wife or husband with a custom BAUNAT engagement ring, to which they can only say "yes".

Why customise your engagement ring?

Proposing to the love of your life is a crucial, beautiful moment, and you need the perfect engagement ring to complete it. With a tailor-made engagement ring, you’ll undoubtedly amaze your future bride or groom. Customise the design to suit your style and add that romantic touch of true love to your engagement ring.

At BAUNAT, we use our expertise to design the ideal engagement ring according to your wishes. We will help you create an engagement ring that’s truly your own to add that special spark to your proposal.

Here’s how it works: you bring in either a sketch, drawing, or a picture of a ring you’ve seen somewhere that you like. Or you can select a combination of our standard engagement rings to create your own design. Our experts will then examine the feasibility of your tailor-made engagement ring, design it to include the gemstones, mounting style, and precious metal you prefer. The process will result in a sensational, unique engagement ring that will last a lifetime and leave your beloved speechless.

Convinced of the charm of tailor-made engagement rings?


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Hi, my name is Gerd.Can I help you?
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