• A coloured bracelet with diamonds
  • A diamond tennis bracelet in white gold
  • At BAUNAT you can adjust your whole bracelet according to your needs and personalize it completely

A diamond is a precious stone of special worth, known for its sustainability and natural brilliance. It has always been the symbol of strength, courage and purity. A diamond has a myriad of benefits. In the past, a diamond was exceptionally devoted to an engagement ring, but now it has blossomed to a true fashion accessory. Furthermore, a diamond can adorn every type of jewellery, especially a bracelet. 

A coloured bracelet with diamonds

BAUNAT offers its clients an extensive collection of diamond bracelets in a variety of colours: white gold, red gold, yellow gold or platinum. With their unique expertise, designs and styles these bracelets have an elegant, gorgeous and admirable look. The bracelets consist of diamonds of very high quality. Additionally, they are organized according to colour, price, gemstone and alloy. The most common alloy is white gold. The jewellery that accompanies the diamonds is of incomparable finesse and extraordinary beauty.

Our bracelets are designed in a modern timeless style, which is why they can be worn for life, whether it is for a casual occasion or a wedding. Diamond bracelets are available in every colour imaginable. All the BAUNAT jewels are made from precious metals only. Our diamond bracelets exist in white, red and yellow gold, each of 18 carats.

BAUNAT’s bracelets have their personal timeless style which makes them unique and recognizable. A diamond bracelet is a very elegant jewel that you can wear with pride at important occasions (birthday, christening, dinner etc.). With a beautiful combination of gold and diamond, BAUNAT presents magnificent jewellery. In this collection, we offer you unique jewels, original and elegant, where you will find a diamond bracelet that completely meets your wishes.

A diamond tennis bracelet in white gold

BAUNAT’s collection is very stylish and very suitable for women who are looking for pure elegance. BAUNAT offers an extensive collection of exclusive gold bracelets with diamonds to women who are searching for a prestigious diamond bracelet. Furthermore, you will find bracelets with little white diamonds in a pave setting. Jewellery adorned with diamonds has an incomparable finesse and a magnificent beauty. Do you love high quality diamonds? Then we recommend you to choose a tennis bracelet from the BAUNAT collection. It is elegance in its purest form!

You can easily adjust the size of your bracelet around your wrist. You can even adjust your whole bracelet according to your needs and personalize it completely. Contact our team of experts to make a tailor made design. The bracelets, handcrafted by our designers, are made from high quality gold, and all designs are adorned with big or small diamonds.

Would you like to buy a timeless elegant diamond bracelet? Then you can enjoy a range of diamond bracelets from the collection of BAUNAT. To make your search easier, you can choose and order them online and if you have questions, the BAUNAT team is available to assist you in your choice!

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