• What is a double ring?
  • What’s the advantage of a double ring?
  • Where can you find inspiration for a double ring?

Why would you only buy one ring if you could buy two in one? Large rings have been on trend for a while and now the double ring is also gaining in popularity. Do you enjoy following the latest new jewellery trends? Or do you prefer to create your own style? Buying a double ring would be perfect for you in both cases!

What is a double ring?

Just to clarify: this isn’t about two rings on one finger, but one double ring on two fingers. The double ring, or two finger ring, consists of two rings forged together with decorative eye catchers. The more luxurious, the better? Then how about buying a double ring with diamonds or other gemstones.

You won’t be able to move your ring and middle finger independently, as you will be wearing the ring on two fingers at the same time. This will take some getting used to for some women.

What’s the advantage of a double ring?

The biggest advantage of a two finger ring is that you can really go to town with this! After all, the decoration at the top of the ring can be spread across several fingers. This doesn’t necessarily need to be symmetrical. Natural elements like reptiles, flowers and butterflies are often used as eye catchers for this type of ring.

But we also often see words and names. So why not buy a double ring you can design for yourself?   

Where can you find inspiration for a double ring?

Do you like the idea of designing your own two finger ring, but are you still looking for inspiration? Then make sure you take a look at Pinterest! You will find some unbelievably beautiful examples when you search for ‘two finger ring’ or ‘double ring’, which you can use for your own design. There are also plenty of stunning photographs on Instagram, with the ‘twofingerring’ hashtag.

Do you not simply want to buy the first ring you come across? Then allow BAUNAT’s experts to assist you with your choice or your design. Contact us via telephone, email or chat.


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