• What is the story behind the eternity ring?
  • When do you give an eternity ring?
  • Why does an eternity ring also work as an engagement ring?

A wonderful way to express your love for your partner is to buy him or her a ring. And that ring may be symbolic, right? An eternity ring is the perfect choice. The ring, completely or partly set with diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires is the distinctive symbol of eternal love. What meanings can such a ring have? BAUNAT explains.

What is the story behind the eternity ring?

According to legend, eternity rings date back many years, more specifically to ancient Egypt, about 2000 BCE. Egyptian men did not need a specific reason to give their loved one such a ring as a gift. They did it to show their love and commitment to their partner.

Many of those rings would have been shaped like a snake eating its own tail. This is still a symbol of eternity today. Over the years, the ring changed from a snake to a neutral golden or platinum band set with precious stones.

When do you give an eternity ring?

The eternity ring or infinity ring is the symbol of eternal love par excellence. You give it when you are sure that you want to stay together forever. An ideal occasion is a wedding anniversary. Some sources say that you should wait until the 60th wedding anniversary because only then you can be sure that you will stay together forever. That theory seems somewhat outdated. After all, you can recognise love at first sight right away, don't you?

Why does an eternity ring also work as an engagement ring?

The symbolism of an eternity ring also fits perfectly with a marriage proposal. Having an eternity ring serve as an engagement ring is therefore a great idea. With such a ring, you let your loved one know almost literally that you are planning to bond with them forever. In terms of symbolism that counts, right?

The proof that an eternity ring is a beautiful engagement ring was provided by Marilyn Monroe. Her engagement ring was an eternity ring set with 35 baguettes.

An eternity ring does not only work as an engagement ring. The ring is also being used more and more as a wedding ring. The symbolism behind it is the same. By making a commitment, you guarantee your partner that you will stay with him or her forever. How can you celebrate this better than with a symbol of eternal love?

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