Whether you own a few pieces of simple gold jewellery or own an extensive diamond jewellery collection, it is important to know how to care for your jewellery for it to last a lifetime. As we wear jewellery on a daily basis, we sometimes forget that precious metals and diamonds are not unbreakable. We are going to delve here into some substances that may seem harmless at first and give you some advice on how you can protect your jewellery.

  • Which substances are harmful to my diamond jewellery collection?
  • How can I protect my jewellery?

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Which substances are harmful to my diamond jewellery collection?

Some of you may already be aware that some specific chemical substances such as house detergents are harmful to jewellery. But there are other substances that may seem irrelevant at first, but that can significantly damage your diamond jewellery collection over time.

The two main substances causing your diamond jewellery damage are chlorine and salt water.

Chlorine is essentially a bleach used to kill bacteria and it is regularly used in home cleaning products. Although we are aware that there is no reaction between chlorine and pure gold, since most gold jewellery is actually made of a combination of gold and alloys, the main reaction is due to the various alloys. Its effect on jewellery ranges from slow disintegration to crackling and blackening of the metal. The effect on diamonds and gemstones can vary depending on the stone, but contact with chlorine should be avoided at all costs.

Salt water is another one of those substances that can considerably affect your diamond jewellery collection. Did you know that exposure to salt water may lead ultimately to erosion of the soldered parts, hence resulting in the loss of your diamond as the prong and setting have been weakened?

It is one of those holiday stories that you clearly wish to avoid.

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How can I protect my jewellery?

The one and only advice we would like to share with you when undertaking any activity that includes the use of various chemical substances is to remove all your jewellery.

Given that even tap water contains trace amounts of chlorine, this rule also applies when you shower and wash your hands. As to saltwater, your only option is to leave your jewellery at home, stored safely in a soft pouch or jewellery box.

The best way to protect your jewellery is to keep them safely stored.

If you notice later that you have used strong substances or you took a dip in the ocean without removing your jewellery, then it is important to rince the piece with clear water and mild soap as soon as possible, to prevent the saltwater and chemicals to continue affecting the jewellery.

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