Men try to do outdo each other when picking an engagement ring for their loved one. Now that the revival of rose gold has inspired many men, we start seeing a lot of combinations of different colours of gold. Yellow gold and white gold do very well but why not try rose gold and white gold? Some want it all and combine all three gold colors, like Audrey Hepburn’s famous engagement ring. Using contrasting colors of noble metals brightens up your jewel. In these jewels, we advise to go for colourless diamonds since their beautiful white radiance perfectly complements the colours in the ring.

A bicolor diamond engagement exudes pure class, a solitaire ring in rose and white gold for instance. As the cool white gold magnifies the diamond’s sparkle, the rose gold adds passion and warmth. A true eye catcher. Although it was long considered not done, the combination of yellow and white gold is trending at the moment. Classic, timeless and in style with a touch of vintage.

For the perfect engagement ring, you have come to the right place. We can tailor everything to your specific demands and can produce almost every ring using two colors of gold, creating the perfect ring for your personal taste. Do you want to create your own unique design? Our advisors will happily assist you in the creation of the ring of your dreams.

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