Colour choices say a lot about someone's personality. According to colour psychology, yellow is the most positive, divine and creative colour. It is also an excellent choice for a diamond. Naturally coloured diamonds have been gaining in popularity for some time and the yellow coloured diamond is one of the more affordable varieties.

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What is a yellow diamond?

A yellow diamond gets its colour from the nitrogen present. The more nitrogen, the more yellow the diamond gets. Diamonds coloured yellow are much less common than the colourless variety, but are certainly not as scarce as pink or blue diamonds.

The value and advantages of a yellow diamond

Woman wearing a necklace with yellow diamond from BAUNAT
Partly because they are not terribly rare, the price of yellow diamonds is generally better than you might expect. They are the most affordable of all coloured diamonds. Of course, the 4Cs of diamond quality do play an important role. The purer the diamond and the brighter the yellow colour, the more expensive it will be.

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A yellow diamond looks great in combination with colourless diamonds

The most valuable yellow diamonds in the world

Despite being relatively rare, these diamonds don't command the highest prices on the market, but there are of course always exceptions. Browse the most valuable yellow diamonds here.
The Tiffany Diamond: one of the best-known yellow diamonds ever. - BAUNAT

  • Tiffany Yellow Diamond: This yellow diamond is one of the largest yellow diamonds ever. It was cut into a cushion shape with a carat weight of 128.54 carat and found in the Kimberley mine in South Africa. Actress Audrey Hepburn wore a necklace with the Tiffany Yellow Diamond in promotional shots for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  • The Cora Sun-Drop Diamond: this diamond is the largest-known yellow pear-shaped diamond, with a carat weight of 110. In November 2011, it was sold by Sotheby’s at an auction in Geneva for $10.9 million. The Sun-Drop was also found in South Africa.

  • The Florentine Diamond: the Florentine Diamond, a yellow-coloured diamond which has, unfortunately, mysteriously disappeared, was apparently even more valuable. Whereas the Sun-Drop has a carat weight of 110, the carat weight of the Indian Florentine Diamond is 137 carats.

How do I mix and match a yellow diamond?

This diamond can easily be combined with other gemstones and precious metals, provided you pay close attention to the colours used. The ideal combination is with white gold, as this metal brings out the yellow colour better and thus draws attention to the diamond.

Nothing more eye-catching than a coloured diamond on your finger. How often do you see someone walking around with a yellow diamond ring? An original choice, then. This colour is even more beautiful on women with a warm skin tone. But be guided mostly by your personal taste and style.
A necklace with a diamond pendant is a fantastic piece of jewellery. By adding a yellow coloured diamond to a thin necklace, alone or combined with colourless diamonds, you are creating a timeless piece of jewellery with an elegant look. Earrings with a yellow diamond make a beautiful summer accessory with a sunny appearance. Even small studs attract some attention.

Jewellery made to order with yellow diamonds, from BAUNAT

Ring with yellow diamond made to order from BAUNAT
At BAUNAT you can always go for a made to order service, with yellow diamonds, too, of course. Ask for a quote here. Working with our experts you can design jewellery entirely how you want it. We will guide you through the whole process.
It all starts with the quote. Once you have approved this, we will get started and use our software to create a design in 3D. This shows as closely as possible what your jewellery would look like. Our craftsmen in Antwerp then get to work. They always work with thebest materials and our diamonds come directly from the source. This means we can always be sure of excellent quality, which you can also verify with the certificates that you get with your diamonds.

Learn more about other coloured diamonds

Jewellery with yellow diamonds is an excellent choice, but there are still more coloured diamonds that you should definitely know about. Each colour has its own origins and its own qualities. You can read much more about it in the blogs below.

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