Most women would love to buy as many diamond jewels as possible. They would love it even more to wear them all at the same time. Though it’s an art to combine different jewels. It might be very fashionable to wear your complete jewel box, many women can use some help here. The border between ‘a lot’ and ‘too much’ is very thin.

Buying multiple diamond bracelets and combining them is one of the new tendencies in the world of jewels. Though a so called arm party does require some rules that should be respected. Here are some hints to fine-tune this look. 


The secret of this look can be found in the balance. We advise you to buy multiple types of diamond bracelets and to combine these, depending on your mood and the opportunities. It’s fun to wear a tennis bracelet together with both wide and fine bracelets.

Pick one eye-catcher

Start with one eye-catcher and build a new look around it over and over again. The possibilities are endless. If you choose a tennis bracelet as your eye-catcher, it’s important to combine it with simpler models. Since this bracelet is completely set with diamonds, there is enough brilliance present.      

Mix gemstones

Nowadays, gemstones can be worn when they are mixed together. The time that they had to match, is over. There are no limits anymore. Mix yellow and white gold, or go the extravagant way by combining yellow, white and red gold. Platinum is of course an option too. Add the necessary diamonds to this look and you get a real ‘party’ around your arm.      

Pick one arm

If you are planning on combining multiple diamond bracelets, limit yourself to one arm. If you’re wearing a watch, it’s preferable to pick your right arm. Though if your watch is a jewel on its own, you can always include it.

At BAUNAT, you can buy differtent types of diamond bracelets. If you have any questions concerning a specific model, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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